I thought I would take snippets from my instagram account to pretty much sum up my Easter Weekend. I had 5 days off work which was pretty sweet and so much happened in that time, so here is a quick overview for you guys....

The weather was amazing and Jack and I were really lucky to plan a trip back to North Wales to see my family on such a beautiful day. We just wanted to enjoy some of the nice weather away from the City and the industrial views. We ended up having a BBQ! So much food.. burgers, sausages, ribs and kebabs, whilst getting drunk and playing cheesey boardgames.

I also decided to dye the ends of my hair Alpine Green before getting the train, which I instantly regretted and contemplated cutting my hair off in an insane rage ha... but I just had to deal with it once I realised I couldn't simply wash it out, so I had to just embrace it for the weekend.

The pink drinks in the picture, is the new cider Rekorderlig Mango and Raspberry drink.. me and my sister decided to try it and I'll be honest, I thought it tasted like soap but my sister really liked it, so who knows. 

It was also my boyfriends birthday during Easter, so we went ended up going out for drinks and having shots of tequila at 3 in the afternoon. The black and white picture is Jack and I on an escalator leading up to the Odeon cinema in town, we were off to watch The Amazing Spiderman.... which was most definitely... amazing. Jack has turned me into some kind of Marvel loon I swear! 

If you haven't yet been to watch it, I suggest to hurry up!



Hi guys, I haven't done an outdoor shoot in ages, so here is my latest blog post outside. I have on all white, featuring my latest DIY ripped white jeans from Primark for just £10. Please hunt through my previous posts to find out just how I did them :) I also have on my new white jersey ribbed sweater from Topshop and I recently found my old vintage over sized Levi denim jacket. This is sure to stay with me most days now till I end up getting sick of it.

Also I have on my New Look sandals that I bought awhile back, everyone is asking me on my instagram where I got them from, so here is a link for you guys, as they are now back in stock...

Jacket - Levis
Jeans - Primark
Sweater - Topshop
Sandals - New Look


A quick update from my instagram glitterandgrimes. I went to Manchester shopping, bought an amazing metallic maxi dress in the Topshop sale.... oh and some amazing white sliders for £8.

For more pictures... follow me here!



Lazy Oaf has completely blown my mind with their new Summer 2014 Lookbook. It is a pastel fantasy and 'every gothic girly, pastel loving, statement making, quirky nuts' idea of perfection. So maybe I just described myself in a few words. 

The 'Bits N Pieces' Backpack is my favourite bag for this Summe time and I will get my hands on their UGLY T-shirt and ROSE FOR THE LADY Skirt.

To see more of their Summer collection and shop online, Click here