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14.12.14 PUMA | USC

A very cool and simple look.. in love with my new Puma tee. I have been on the hunt for some retro sports t-shirts for awhile now and have been debating on getting some Fila pieces recently, but I happened to find this amazing grey Puma tee from TK Maxx. 

I have on my new USC green Tartan Jeans, which can I say, are the comfiest jeans I own!!! They are amazing and I just wanted to add something a little bit different to the whole look. 

I also have on one of two chokers I picked up from the new Topshop Freedom range. These chokers are a soft suede material, so it's really comfy and doesn't leave any horrible marks on your neck. They have a lovely metal detail at the front and perfect for both the day and night, but this adds something to a plain tee.

Just throw on a warm jacket and it's a really simple, quirky look.


Motel Rocks sent me their amazing Black Duster Jacket to show you guys '3 Ways to Wear it'..
I chose three very simple outfits in which you can use this light weight Duster Jacket as the perfect cover up this season. My three outfits include the dinner date, the casual look and the gig night.

This is a very simple look that I always tend to go for on a dinner date with friends or just a comfy but smart outfit for the evening. Having a black duster jacket, is a staple wardrobe piece which you can easily throw on over a t-shirt and black skinny jeans and you instantly turn the outfit from a daytime look to evening look. 

I have on a plain white basic tee, my faithful super skinny jeans, some monochrome heels and the duster jacket on top. The only pop of colour is a deep ox blood coloured clutch just to add another dimension.


For a stylish casual day time look, I like to have on a baggy tee, shorts and tights in this cold weather, throw on some converse and a beanie, with the duster jacket over the top and you are done. I really love the black beanie and matching duster coat combo, it makes up for a really relaxed and effortless stylish look.

Also what really makes this look 'casual' is wearing converse with a laid back look and a smart coat, it can really turn an outfit around.


Lastly.. 'gig night'. I go to my fair share of music gigs and it's always a hassle thinking of something to wear, as you want to be warm for the journey but it gets too hot in those venues. So, the duster jacket is the perfect loose cover up. 

I have on a dress and I've just added a thin black studded belt around the middle to add some edge to the look, I have some chunky platformed boots, which is a key item to wear for a gig and then the black duster jacket over the top. Then when it gets too hot during the evening, simply slip it off and hold it or wrap it around your waist.

Thanks so much for reading :) 

To check out this Duster Jacket online, simply click here!
or even just head to their site for more amazing options.

Be sure to keep an eye out for a Motel Christmas Wishlist coming soon x