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13.4.15 WHISTLES

Crop Top - Topshop | Culottes - ASOS | Boots - Whistles | Bag - Topshop | Cloak - Vintage

Quite a sophisticated look yesterday as the weather was cooler and pretty cloudy. I was off out for the day trialling out my new Whistles boots, which I managed to get from Selfridges in the sale! 

They are featured in my latest 'March Haul' video on my YouTube channel here! Take a look to see a closer look at them :)

Then I kept it really simple with all my favourite colours. I know it's Spring and I used to be a super colourful person, but my faves are now just the shade black obviously, grey and olive colours. This outfit pretty much sums up my mood and the way my wardrobe has been heading recently.

I actually took the time out to colour co-ordinate it the the other and I was surprised at the lack of colour from last year. Anyways, just wanted to show you guys my bootsy love.

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Denim Shirt & Jeans - Primark | Bag - Primark | Shoes - ASOS

I love this double denim look... I remember the days where double denim was highly frowned upon and I can honestly reveal that this is my first ever, ever, double denim look!!

I have chosen an all Primark combo, something incredibly affordable off the hughstreet, showing you that you don't necessarily have to go all design on me, to say that's the only way this look can be achieved. I found this amazing patchwork denim shirt in my local store a few weeks back and you guys loved it on my instagram. It has been such a great buy, it is super soft and versatile and I have paired it with a similar blue wash jean, also from Primark.

Most of you guys who follow me on my blog and my instagram, know there are in fact two things I can't get enough of this month! The word 'super' and these jeans I have on here. I apologise in advance for the amount of 'super' adjectives you are reading at the moment, but I'll warn you, I'm not close to stopping, I love it too much :)

Then secondly these jeans are perfect. They cost me just £13 and they were originally just for a cheap comfortable 'walk around the house' kind of jean and they are such great quality and the Primark have really stepped up their rip game. The more I wear them, the more they have transitioned from a 'walk around the house' jean, to a 'wanna wear them everyday' pair. I even rolled them up (like above) and headed to to London yesterday for an event. Who cares if I rock up in cheap jeans, it's how you style them that counts and Primark are becoming ever more popular and getting the recognition it deserves amongst us bloggers!

My denim combo was 'super' ;) comfy!! I really heart this look at the minute, perfect for a meeting or just a day time blogging event perhaps, where you want to be seen as taking your denim trends extremely seriously haha. I felt the only way to make this look even more attractive and make the denim look more expensive and of even better quality would be to pair it with black. If you start throwing colours into the mix, that's when things can start going a little off. I would consider orange, but that is it! So I have on my follower favourite, my ASOS sandals. All you guys have been asking me like crazy where I got these from and how to get them. It would seem as thought ASOS no longer have them on their site.. so ASOS, do me a favour and make all my followers happy by bringing them back!! There is serious money to be made.

I have on my Celine-lookalike bag with the two compartments, which I also picked up from Primark a few months back. Wear it over the shoulder and it really ties the whole look together. 


Check out my Spring Cookbook over on my YouTube channel.. just click the picture above and the video will play :)


Today was such a beautiful sunny and productive day. I woke up, read some blogging emails and watched The Wendy Show in bed with a bowl of cereal, which I'm becoming quite fond of in the mornings. For any of you who don't know, Wendy is an American chat show host who specialises in celebrity gossip ha! 

Then I started editing a YouTube video and some blog pictures. At lunch time, drove down to Harvey's drive through to grab a yummy BBQ chicken wrap with my mum and nan. Then they ended up giving me free chips which was a nice added bonus, so much for a healthy start to the week. Then I popped to the shops and picked up some insense sticks in sandlewood for my room. 

Then it was back home to play ball with the dog in the sunshine, spend some time on instagram and after over a year and half I got my gorgeous bug out the garage. For people who have been following me for some time now, know I own a VW Beetle. She was my pride and joy and still is my dream car. I had to declare her off the road when I moved closer into the City centre of Liverpool two years ago. I worked just 3 minutes from my flat, so there was no need to run a car at that point in my life. The weather is now picking up and as I'm currently living in Wales for the time being, you might be seeing a lot more of her soon! :)

Then after that emotional moment of seeing some old keepsakes in the car, I sat down to have some tea and then a warm evening stroll with my mum and the dog. 

Now I have a blanket on the sofa writing up this post! I kept it casual today and fairly Summery, with an oversized designer vintage tee, some light weight navy check trousers and my Puma trainers. 

I love that you can wear trainers with smart trousers now and give them a real daytime feel. 

Hope you guys had a great day too.. let me know what you got up to below :)


Jumper - H&M | Jeans - Primark | Sandals - Primark

I just wanted to put together a super simple Spring outfit which is all about comfort and transitioning into this 'weird weather' time of year. I know people love Spring and I do too, but there is parts of Spring which is super difficult to dress for. It can look really sunny and warm out the window with the Sun beaming through the curtains, but then once you are outside dressed for an early Ibiza trip, it actually turns out to be a secret trip to the Antarctic. 

So, I have on my favourite statement piece of knitwear this year, this beautiful H&M cream jumper. This is actually a size Small guys!! I had noticed that the jumpers do vary in store, almost as though each one were handmade. I chose this one, as I liked the slouchy look and with this jumper being quite heavy, it really does hang and stretch when on and it's great!

 I have noticed girls with much shorter versions of this jumper, so just incase you guys are wondering why I picked up the largest in the shop, it is intact a 'Small' and happens to be super soft and slouchy and I love it.

Another thing I LOVE... is my new Primark jeans. I have bought black skinny jeans from Primark before when I used to work as a bartender, as I needed a cheap alternative pair which I wasn't afraid to get dirty. I have also bought a white pair from Primark last Summer to try out some DIY rips, but they have always been a very light weight pair of jeans. I wouldn't say they ever felt like 'proper' denim, they were never thick or of a great quality.. so when I saw these in my local Primark, I thought someone had put a pair of Topshop jeans on the stand by accident. They aren't like anything Primark has ever done before and it really shows the development of their denim collection.

I love the frayed ripped knees, they are very sturdy, which is something I always need, as all my ripped Jamie jeans from Topshop have exploded at the knee and it looks like my knee is going to fall out. This Primark pair is also a great colour denim and a colour I don't have in my collection. I recently showed these jeans off in my March Haul video over on my YouTube channel! .. if you guys want to take a look here!

Then I have finished this super comfy look with my new bargain sandals, also from Primark, for just £5, again they are featured in my March Haul video and come in various other colours, but I decided to stick to the simple black and gold chain design. 

Hope you guys love this outfit, comment below if you did :)


Hi guys, I have uploaded a 'Recent Beauty Buys' video over on my YouTube channel for you to check out. Just click the image above to start watching! 

I love these types of videos. I'm certainly not a beauty blogger, but I especially like watching these videos from other people and I like to think that when I find a special beauty product that works well for me, I like to share that with you guys and the people who are subscribed to my channel and want to watch my videos.

Sometimes it's nice and seems quite genuine when ordinary people buy products and give their verdict. All the items listed in the video above, I have bought myself and not one thing is sponsored by those particular companies mentioned.. they are just my personal choices and opinions. 

I love watching bloggers talk about their fave beauty buys or treatments and rituals they like to use. It is a great pass time of mine and a lot of my inspiration and day routine has come from bloggers on YouTube and I think it is a really positive way to give each other advice and get genuine, honest reviews.

So if you are interested in some of my beauty buys, then go check out the video and let me know what you think :)


Puma Hoodie - Depop | Cullottes - ASOS | Trainers - Office

Grey and Olive is such a great combo for me.. As I have expressed recently, my wardrobe palette consists of various shades of black, white and grey, with hits of olive, khaki and navy. It looks like the inside of Urban Outfitters right now. I'm not quite sure how this has happened so successfully, or whether my older age has steered me away from daring colours. 

From having all lilac hair two years ago, oh how times are changing. I am liking the colour yellow for some reason and red, and those are two colours I have never owned. So there should be rather interesting outfits to come on Glitter and Grimes guys. 

Today though I styled my new retro Puma hoodie which I finally found after endlessly searching for a gem on Depop. I have paired this ancient sports style piece with my only pair of cullottes from ASOS in the colour Olive. They work really well with all things grey and white, it is the perfect blend of colours in my option. I wore these trousers on the third day of LFW and I wore a grey halter neck with them too.

Still repping Puma, I thought I would wear my white Puma trainers to tie the whole thing together. These pair of Baskets I got in the Office Sale and I still believe they are marked down online. I love all these shades and this outfit is super comfy for a day out at the shops, a business meeting or even just a quick catch up with friends.

Let me know what you guys think and where you find your latest retro sport finds?