Totally obsessed with lace at the moment and this new outfit post is a re-creation of some older items I had in my wardrobe to create this all lace look. I'm not one for venturing back into an older wardrobe of mine for my night time glam inspiration.. but seeing as it's so close to Christmas and all money is going on presents, I needed to do some recycling once and for all.

 I wanted a real salutary look, therefore I felt lace was the only option. I used a classic lace, spider web style Topshop maxi dress which I have had for around 3-4 years, this garment never dates and you can wear it in absolutely any season. Then I purchased a gorgeous lace, high collared crop top, also from Topshop about a month ago, so as I began to sieve through my clothes, I hand picked all the garments that fit my chosen criteria... BLACK and LACE!

I decided to go with both garments, the long black, no sleeved maxi dress, with the small lace crop top over the top. I needed a sexy garment underneath which would hide my body as the lace maxi is completely see through. I was also inspired by Rihanna's new look on XFactor last week, with the use of a black dress, leaving all her body and skin on show amongst the patterns and the fabric. It is classy but also extremely revealing. I chose to wear a small bra leotard underneath from Primark, revealing more emphasis on my legs over anything else. I could have gone with a bigger garment that covered more of my body, but this felt right at the time.

I am not one for showing assets, as I can't name any for you, but nevertheless my bum was fairly on display and it seemed to fit perfectly with the elegance and mystery of the outfit. I had been dying to wear my new black bowler hat and this was the time to complete the look throughout from head to toe with darkness. My hat is from H&M, a purchase featured in a previous post... www.velvetwriter.com/2012/11/h-hats.html

It has been long overdue me getting myself a plain black bowler, if you managed to catch my post on New Winter Hats, then you will see that I went through some great research before choosing the perfect one. This hat fitted the ensemble perfectly, along with some simple touches, like black nail varnish, a few Topshop rings and some leopard vintage boots.

Really hoped you enjoyed the lace overload. Please let me know what you think and what items you will be re-creating this Christmas to save money?




Over the next couple of days I will be paying tribute to some of my favourite online Jewellery brands. Not only do I love fashion but my true passion is jewellery and the way jewellery and armour can have such a massive impact in your life and your look. You can tell a lot about a person just by their jewellery alone. I want to share with you some of the best places online to buy jewellery you will end up cherishing forever.

I have chosen my favourite 10 shops online.. and each will be featured on velvetwriter.com. First up is the wonderful REGAL ROSE.

Regal Rose was established in 2008 by two beautiful twin sisters, who by reading their website had an eye for what was missing in the market and how they gained most of their inspiration from London street styles. They really did find that special niche for unique styled jewellery, that many have now love and Regal Rose is now a firm favourite on many bloggers wish lists.

I found out about Regal Rose on the ever growing social networking site, Twitter. They were and still are one of the most talked about jewellery brands amongst some of the best fashion bloggers in the industry. Their website embodies their ambition and reflects their success. Personally their Premium Collection in particular holds some of their best pieces of jewellery, so unique, in 'premium' quality, at amazing affordable prices, ranging from £11.00 to £30.00.

Regal Rose have been featured in some of the UK's leading magazines and newspapers, some of my favourites being Look, InStyle and the Guardian. My favourite piece from their collection sits itself in their highly diverse necklace range, it is... the Soma. Silver Bohemian Wish Box Necklace, at £28.00  (Picture No.1).

Below are all my favourite pieces from their collection . . . 

RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose
Really hope you enjoyed this feature on the uniquely talented Regal Rose online.
(All images taken from regalrose.co.uk)

Check them out at www.regalrose.co.uk.



gypsy night & hidden treasure


N a i l  P a i n t ... Best buys for this Month ...

† Barry M - Basecoat & Topcoat
† Nails Topshop - Gypsy Night
† Calvin Klein - White French Tip
† W.I.P (UO) - Nude
† Nails Topshop - Hidden Treasure
† Barry M - Black Instant Nail Effects



The Hunt - finds


My charity hunts are never ending and me and my mum thoroughly enjoy hunting around our local vintage charity shops for a great bargain. We have said on many occasions that even if we happen to become extremely wealthly, we would continue to search the high street charity locations for a great find. There is nothing better when you find a piece of jewellery or a handbag for a great price, you feel like you have conquered in some way. I mainly tend to keep an eye out for a leather handbag or going out clutch. Any unusual or interesting piece of jewellery and maybe a pair of designer sunglasses.

This time my mum, nan and me were here for the challenge, we give each other a budget of around £10 and we then head off and see who comes back with the best finds and buys. Once we are home, we have the unveiling process of showcasing and presenting what great things we managed to grab at a bargain price. I must say, I always tend to be the winner with the most things for that price and today was no exception, it was a good day for a charity hunt.

P u r c h a s e s . . .

Sand Real Suede Jewellery Holder - £2.50
Black John Lennon Style Sunglasses - £2
Stone Bangle - £1
Gold Chain Necklace with Green Globe - £1
Silver Skull Ring - £1

T o t a l: £ 7.50!

With the extra £2.50 I actually bought myself a leopard sheer top second hang and a black vintage clutch. These have not yet been revealed as they will be used in outfit posts to come :)

I would love to hear from any other bloggers which like a charity hunt during the shopping time and whether they would like to challenge me on the £10 charity find? Please get intouch ...



Product of the W E E K ¿

... H a i r  D u s t


My product of the week is . . . Schwarzkopf  'D u s t  I t'.

It is exactly how it looks, this handy pocket sized product is perfect if you like the more textured look to your hair and if you are like me and have fine straight hair, then it is fantastic to use on our type of hair to add some thickness and creativity.

You simply hold up sections of your hair, sprinkle some of the texturising Dust onto the roots of your hair, let it fall down and then using the tips of your fingers...rub the dust vigorously and immediately it lifts at the roots and adds a 'back comb' effect without damaging your hair with a brush.

The advantages of this product . . .

Δ Easy to carry around with you
Δ Handbag Size
Δ It immediately volumizes
Δ It's only £12.99
Δ Easy to use
Δ Keep rubbing throughout the day - 24hr hold



M a g a z i n e s . . . the favourites

✪ ASOS Magazines ✪

✪ 214 ✪


✪ Company High Street Edit ✪

A job with one of these magazines would be a dreammm ... please???

Most females love a good read of a fashion magazine, but when I happen to go through one of these beauties, I can't help analyse it like a fashion journo graduate would. 


▷ Great features,
▷ Layout, font and design,
▷ Photoshop edits,
▷ Who they managed to get for advertisements,
▷ + Plus how fucking lucky the buggers are who work there!!!!!!!!!!!

Since creating my own magazine for my final piece I have a great appreciation of the way magazines are thought out and put together, also my role as a advertising exec for a magazine company in Chester showed me just how much hard work is put in and it isn't as glamorous as you may think..

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