Over the next couple of days I will be paying tribute to some of my favourite online Jewellery brands. Not only do I love fashion but my true passion is jewellery and the way jewellery and armour can have such a massive impact in your life and your look. You can tell a lot about a person just by their jewellery alone. I want to share with you some of the best places online to buy jewellery you will end up cherishing forever.

I have chosen my favourite 10 shops online.. and each will be featured on velvetwriter.com. First up is the wonderful REGAL ROSE.

Regal Rose was established in 2008 by two beautiful twin sisters, who by reading their website had an eye for what was missing in the market and how they gained most of their inspiration from London street styles. They really did find that special niche for unique styled jewellery, that many have now love and Regal Rose is now a firm favourite on many bloggers wish lists.

I found out about Regal Rose on the ever growing social networking site, Twitter. They were and still are one of the most talked about jewellery brands amongst some of the best fashion bloggers in the industry. Their website embodies their ambition and reflects their success. Personally their Premium Collection in particular holds some of their best pieces of jewellery, so unique, in 'premium' quality, at amazing affordable prices, ranging from £11.00 to £30.00.

Regal Rose have been featured in some of the UK's leading magazines and newspapers, some of my favourites being Look, InStyle and the Guardian. My favourite piece from their collection sits itself in their highly diverse necklace range, it is... the Soma. Silver Bohemian Wish Box Necklace, at £28.00  (Picture No.1).

Below are all my favourite pieces from their collection . . . 

RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose RegalRose
Really hope you enjoyed this feature on the uniquely talented Regal Rose online.
(All images taken from regalrose.co.uk)

Check them out at www.regalrose.co.uk.

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