Punk Tee - Primark,
Black Safia Velvet Tulip Skirt - Missguided,
Hadia Ultimate Leather Stud Platform Boots - Missguided

This outfit is so simple and you can wear it in both the day time and night. I have taken a fun stylish tee from Primark for £10.00 and added a cute girly velvet skirt from Missguided. This is such a comfortable and fun look and I can almost guarantee if you wore this ensemble out with your girl friends dancing an drinking, you would feel great all night long. Forget tight dresses and revealing tops, this is exactly how I like to roll. It still shows your feminine side but it is quirky and edgy at the same time.

This Safia Velvet Tulip Skirt is gorgeous and is very flattering on your legs and waist line. It was also really easy tucking in a larger tee and still pulling it off. Again I have added my favourite boots at the minute and the outfit it complete. You could change this outfit to suit the day time and put on some studded chelsea boots of black converse and an over sized camo jacket or ever denim. 

Hope you enjoyed this punk post.




Black Bowler Hat - H&M,
Alex Cut Out Shoulder Crop Top - Boohoo,
Isla Wet Look Midi Skirt - Missguided,
Hadia Ultimate Leather Stud Platform Boots - Missguided

Right firstly I have to say that I apologise for the major VPL. It was so cold on this shoot and when I changed outfits on location and realised the skirt needed extremely flattering underwear, I had on a pair of french knickers at the time and I just didn't have it in me to take them off as it had been snowing the day before. So unfortunately the pictures aren't as I'd hoped, but I liked the shoot as a whole and not willing to do it all again as it is too cold. So ignoring this minor detail, the outfit combo is a mixture of the online success store Missguided, competitors Boohoo and a special accessory from H&M, which has featured on my blog quite a few times now. 

Bowler hats are still massively in fashion and my friends are still asking where to get them from and where offers the best hat for the best price. I still say H&M, but you can catch an amazing bargain when browsing the online shops. Talking of hats in general, Missguided have an amazing range this Spring/Summer, especially the studded caps for your holiday this year. 

Crop tops are back... and I have purchased my first one of 2013. The popular black cut out shoulders. There is something about this crop design that makes a serious fashion statement and you feel great when wearing it. It reveals just the right amount of skin, and the high neck is great for this random snow we are having. I have chosen to team this crop top with the amazing skirt at www.missguided.co.uk, the Isla Wet Look Midi Skirt, with the unusual rounded leg cut out piece. The moment I saw this, I needed it in my skirt collection. It fits perfectly and it's high waisted..a great combo with a crop tee. I love how it reveals the leg and this item was just £14.99. Yes that is what I said... £14.99!!!!! You could purchase one for yourself and your friends at that price. 

Then finally my bad ass boots, the Hadia Ultimate Leather Stud Platform Boots also from Missguided at £53.99. They are SO comfortable considering how high they are and they literally come on most nights out with me now. Good job my boyfriend is very tall ey. So these boots completed the outfit and added that edge it needed. I then added a hint of colour using my bright orange Mac lipstick.. my absolute fave may I add. Oh, If anyone wishes to know the number or name, I will find out and write it for you in the comments below.

Really hope you enjoyed the post.




 photo IMG_8041_zps8adda09b.jpg
 photo IMG_8011_zpsf07bc215.jpg
 photo IMG_8066_zps901d5bd6.jpg
 photo IMG_8020_zps5e80599f.jpg
 photo IMG_8074_zpsd4f5aeb4.jpg
 photo IMG_8080_zpseec66d7a.jpg
 photo IMG_8036_zps4a4d31fd.jpg
 photo IMG_8060_zpsfa916190.jpg
 photo IMG_8050_zps41b664b7.jpg
 photo IMG_8007_zps62b7653b.jpg
 photo IMG_8031_zps67eac820.jpg
 photo IMG_8014_zpsbe7a3a24.jpg

Black & White Tee - Skull and Bones,
Black Watch - Casio,
Deep Red Skinny Jeans - Resurrection,
Black & White Addidas Trainers - Addidas

Jackson is wearing the Skull and Bones Pit Killer tee, for £25.00 from Skull and Bones Clothing over on www.skullandboneclothing.com. They are 100% cotton and they feel fantastic, nice and thick and fit the body perfectly. Jackson is really neat round the middle, so this top fit like a glove. The sleeve detail of the St. Peters cross pattern is what attracted me to this top originally when styling this outfit post. I wanted a Spring/Summer tee that was really unique and not typical of the high street. Keeping to current trends, I rolled up the sleeves in this look but the tee can be worn with sleeves as normal and still look great.

Skull and Bones collection is minimal but so silently edgy and their concession is also sold in stores in the Liverpool area, where I first spotted the brand coming to life. I have teamed the tee up with some shinny jeans and black and white trainers, keeping it very minimal, a new fresh preppy look. Head over to Skull Bones Clothing website and check out some other T-shirts in their sick collection. Their beanies and jumpers are amazing, highly recommend.

Hope you liked the post, please comment below.




 photo IMG_79392_zpse3094041.jpg  photo IMG_7945_zpscbd7be04.jpg  photo IMG_7928_zps8019bd74.jpg  photo IMG_7940_zps2fb03e00.jpg  photo IMG_7964_zpsdf12be73.jpg  photo IMG_7916_zps59a574c8.jpg  photo IMG_7971_zps9410366b.jpg  photo IMG_7936_zps9858fdb3.jpg  photo IMG_7938_zpsf3e5dc7d.jpg  photo IMG_7925_zpsed66f1c7.jpg

Denim Jacket - All Saints
Black Hoody Jacket - Topman
Bear Tee - Supremebeing
Deep Red Jeans -Ressurection
Black Converse - Schuh

I have decided to feature my boyfriend Jackson on my blog. This was an easy decision, as I tend to like men's fashion more over my own and I have always wanted to incorporate that passion for male style within Velvet Writer somehow. Jack is the only person I would consider to showcase my mens styling efforts on, one being because I trust him enough to be part of this special online world I have created and two because I know he will do a great job as he looks so bloody great in everything he wears. I have chosen to dedicate three blog posts to current mens clothing, where Jack models and we collectively use some of our favourite brands and designers at the moment.

I have to admit that this really was a joint effort and we had such a great time shooting these outfits back home in North Wales. I wanted the locations to be really grungy and different and also have some great colour contrasts to show off the clothes to the best of their ability. Jack was a natural and it became so easy to photograph him. Normally I have my mum help me out and she takes all the pictures of me, we act as a great team and have a good routine but this time, it was really great to be in the driving seat. Constructing all my own shots and image angles and in the end I was over the moon with how overall the whole thing turned out. This isn't going to be a regular thing, but now and then to mix things up, I will dedicate 3/4 blog posts to mens fashion and what I think guys should be looking out for this season. 

 photo IMG_7977_zpsd090c460.jpg  photo IMG_7985_zpsa65ea713.jpg  photo IMG_7994_zps4554032d.jpg  photo IMG_8002_zpse50ea3ad.jpg  photo IMG_7997_zps3b01eb58.jpg  photo IMG_7986_zps2d24eb5f.jpg

Jack has on his favourite T-shirt from the collection Supremebeing. Which also do womenswear too over at www.supremebeing.com. It's an illustration drawing of a bear in grey and white, also known as 'Mont Bar T-Shirt White' they are really affordable at £25.00 and of great quality. These t-shirts in particular are perfect for Spring/Summer as they are really lightweight. They have various different animal designs such as wolves and squirrels and their designs are really unique. Cultivating an outfit surrounding the concept of this tee became really easy, with some skinny legged deep blood red jeans from Ressurection in Liverpool, simple all black converse, and a combo Jack and I love.. the coloured zipper hoody underneath a neat denim jacket. Perfect layer combo for a guy this time of year. Double denim and a warm look all round. Jack styles both the hood down and up.

This look is really so simple for guys to achieve. Please stay in touch for more men's fashion features on my blog.

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