Black Bowler Hat - H&M,
Alex Cut Out Shoulder Crop Top - Boohoo,
Isla Wet Look Midi Skirt - Missguided,
Hadia Ultimate Leather Stud Platform Boots - Missguided

Right firstly I have to say that I apologise for the major VPL. It was so cold on this shoot and when I changed outfits on location and realised the skirt needed extremely flattering underwear, I had on a pair of french knickers at the time and I just didn't have it in me to take them off as it had been snowing the day before. So unfortunately the pictures aren't as I'd hoped, but I liked the shoot as a whole and not willing to do it all again as it is too cold. So ignoring this minor detail, the outfit combo is a mixture of the online success store Missguided, competitors Boohoo and a special accessory from H&M, which has featured on my blog quite a few times now. 

Bowler hats are still massively in fashion and my friends are still asking where to get them from and where offers the best hat for the best price. I still say H&M, but you can catch an amazing bargain when browsing the online shops. Talking of hats in general, Missguided have an amazing range this Spring/Summer, especially the studded caps for your holiday this year. 

Crop tops are back... and I have purchased my first one of 2013. The popular black cut out shoulders. There is something about this crop design that makes a serious fashion statement and you feel great when wearing it. It reveals just the right amount of skin, and the high neck is great for this random snow we are having. I have chosen to team this crop top with the amazing skirt at www.missguided.co.uk, the Isla Wet Look Midi Skirt, with the unusual rounded leg cut out piece. The moment I saw this, I needed it in my skirt collection. It fits perfectly and it's high waisted..a great combo with a crop tee. I love how it reveals the leg and this item was just £14.99. Yes that is what I said... £14.99!!!!! You could purchase one for yourself and your friends at that price. 

Then finally my bad ass boots, the Hadia Ultimate Leather Stud Platform Boots also from Missguided at £53.99. They are SO comfortable considering how high they are and they literally come on most nights out with me now. Good job my boyfriend is very tall ey. So these boots completed the outfit and added that edge it needed. I then added a hint of colour using my bright orange Mac lipstick.. my absolute fave may I add. Oh, If anyone wishes to know the number or name, I will find out and write it for you in the comments below.

Really hope you enjoyed the post.


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