Burgundy Beanie - H&M,
Lilac Crop Top - Primark,
Denim Dungarees - Primark,
White Converse - Schuh,
Purple Peace Necklace - Freedom at Topshop

So this is the first blog post on location that I have done with my new hair. I have been sporting the lilac locks for months now and it definitely was the right decision. I have my moments where I wonder what it would be like to go back to a more normal look.. but I feel like any colour after this will now seem boring. I enjoy the element of attention and looks it brings, good or bad. I love the colour and in the sun and the evening it has such an amazing shine to it, even though it's bleached out.

Since I last wrote on here, my life has changed somewhat. I now work for Topshop and my favourite bar in the city of Liverpool. I have been working extremely hard and the blog has taken a back seat.. but now I'm slowly getting into a routine, I'm back on the ball and ready to go. My blog launched August last year and I really want to still achieve so much before I have my year anniversary. My lilac hair is a new fresher me, with a new defined style, new attitude and new outlook to life.

Really hope you enjoy the most recent shoots I have done, with the help of my amazing mother as my photographer. I don't think she quite realises just how good she's getting. This post is all about the dungarees. This Spring denim is everywhere, on the front displays of every shop and incorporated in every trend. I bought a very light pair a few years back and never got round to wearing them, this year, my new job encourages me to wear denim as the bar requires a uniform of only black and denim. For me, someone who embraces fashion and current trends.. knew I could play around with this idea and have some fun. 

Dungarees being one of them. This was definitely a bold move. I came across these gorgeous dark worn out ones in the one and only Primark. I went hunting in Primark because most of the clothes you wear behind a bar ends up getting wrecked, so I didn't want them to be too expensive. These dungarees were only 11 pounds and I have had so many amazed eyes when I tell them where I bought them from, most girls expect me to say Urban Outfitters. I like how they're baggy at the bottom and have a boyfriend style to them. I have matched them up with a small lilac washed out crop, some white converse and a beanie. Simple but affective, perfect for the Summer and you can even wear these over your bikini on holiday. That is what I plan on doing in Italy next month :)



  1. Love these, I recently got some dungarees too but haven't been brave enough to rock them yet! I feel like I might have to bite the bullet now, they look so cute! xx
    Vicki x


  2. i love your dungarees! xxx

  3. Love the way you've styled your dungarees! So simple and chic. xo



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