Grey Basic Crop Top - Primark,
Pale Denim Dress - Primark,
White Frilly Socks - Topshop,
Glitter Jelly Sandals - Topshop,
Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors 

Geometric Galaxy T-shirt - Abandon Ship Apparel

This denim dress really took me through a great part of Summer and will still play a great part in my Winter wardrobe, with perhaps a fluffy jumper underneath with some tights. There is just so many various ways in which you can wear denim, that's why I love it.

I know there will be a few of you that had the same childhood as me, and this wonderful childhood involved a shoe invention that all kids dreamt about... jelly shoes 'jellies'. When I was in primary school, I had these exacts ones, glittery silver ones. So when they came back into fashion this year for all ages, I wanted the exact replica of the ones I had as a little girl. Where do I find such things... Topshop. With pretty frilly white shoes, it took me right back to my yester years. When you wear them, you instantly feel younger too, what a wonderful purchase.

Jacks T-shirt is from his favourite brand Abandon Ship Apparel, click on description for the link. This geometric galaxy tee is slim and fitted, Jack is 6'4 and has a thin waist and sometimes difficult to find tops that fit as neatly as this one does. This guys T-shirt is perfect for both Summer and Winter and Jack will surely be wearing his under his faithful denim jacket through these colder months.


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  1. I love this whole look! The shoes are gorgeous and I LOVE all the denim! xo


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