Pink Suit Jacket - Primark,
 Black Vest Top - Primark,
Leather Part Leggings - Miss Selfridge,
Black Buckled Ankle Boots - Topshop,
Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors

Hi Guys,

I'm back and stronger than ever I feel. I have changed my hair as you can see. Gone back to my natural ways and asked the lovely hairdresser to die my hair the same colour as my roots, with some sun kissed ends (I repeat..not a dip dye) I feel much better for it. The lilac was so hard to keep up, even though it was pretty awesome. I enjoyed it through the Summer but I feel that phase in my life is over. Too many people began copying, making the look rather tacky and shit in the end. So its a new richer, healthier looking me. My hair is still hanging in there luckily after all that dye and it has its shine back which is good.

On the subject of change, I feel my style has also adapted. I use the word adapted because I believe it is slowly evolving due to age, surroundings and my current mood and ambition. My look was fairly raw, edgy, a tad gothic streak, with a touch of indie glamour but now I find myself dressing with very clean lines, key statement pieces, monochrome efforts and dare I say it.... classier!!!!!

Welcome to this new style journey I have embarked on.



  1. This colour is everywhere at the moment! I am so obsessed. Primark really does have some amazing stuff in stock at the moment, makes me miss England! xo

  2. Gorgeous!! Your natural hair + this outfit = looking very sophisticated I must say :) Can't believe that jacket is from Primark, it's lovely. And such a nice colour!

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog


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