Necklace - Topshop,
Skull Leggings - Freak Of Nature,
Black Lace Maxi Cardi - Oh My Love,
Leather Boots - Topshop,
Black Top - Love,
Gold Watch - Michael Kors

 I fell in love with these leggings when they came in as a concession in Topshop Liverpool. Freak Of Nature have some fantastic designs and fabrics unlike no other online or on the high street. It's really original and these skull leggings really represent just how wearing one item from their collection changes an entire outfit. 

I have teamed them up with a black string top from Love, my faithful leather boots from Topshop and a favourite buy this year, Oh My Love's Black Magic Cardi. I also wore this cardi on my 24th birthday (check out earlier posts). This maxi cardi can go over just about anything, it gives a great gothic vibe to any outfit, it can be worn in the Summer time to make any bikini beach wear sexy and also works as a great cover up, but I have been wearing my maxi cardi to work over a great outfit such as above. It is a key piece in your wardrobe, get yours now!


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  1. These are such beautiful photos! I really love your shoes and the leggings are amazing xo


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