Fluffy Black Jumper - Primark,
Leather Look Skirt - Primark,
Leather Boots - Topshop,
Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors

I spotted this fabulous fluffy black jumper in Primark many weeks ago and everyone has gone crazy over it. It comes in white and pink also I think, but I just brought the black. Whilst working in Topshop I discovered these fluffy things coming through in the masses. I couldn't afford Topshop prices at the time as I hadn't been paid, so when I was having a quick look around Primark one day for a small bargain, I spotted this. I think it was around £9.00 and I feels incredible. For that price I regret not buying all the different colours.

So anyway, I confidently walked to work the next day in my new jumper and all the girls couldn't believe a fantastic lookalike was from good old Primark, I live for that shock on peoples faces when I have found an absolute steal and they are in shock and ore of where I managed to find the thing. I have teamed up this bargain find with another bargain deal, a leather look mini skirt, also from Primark for an amazing £6.00!!!! My new faithful boots from Topshop and a 'classy' watch. I love love love this outfit, all black seems to be a winner with me this Autumn.



  1. Primark has some gems in store at the moment! I love that skirt. Have you seen their leather joggers? xo

  2. hey i like your blog. may i ask how much your skirt was? also have you ever seen a midi leather skirt anywhere? I really want one x


  3. I've recently bought a leather look mini skirt from Primark too, can't wait to start styling it!

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  4. I have this skirt too, excellent value and so versatile! Loving Primark at the moment!

    Hayley | Taxi for Jackson x


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