Black Fluffy Headband - Primark,
Cowl Neck Grey Knit Jumper - Primark,
PVC Black Lookalike Skirt - Primark,
Black Croc Boots - Topshop

So this is what I feel my niche is in the blogger sphere is. Ok maybe not niche, but what I would like to consider my part is online. I like to find ridiculously affordable fashion and make them look expensive. To turn a cheap high street brand, into an upmarket brand and to have my readers surprised as to where I actually bought my clothing from. 

I hope this blog has one of those moments...
this skirt is something like £9. It's amazing. It is a PVC lookalike. Now I never did jump on the PVC bandwagon, even though I'm currently still eyeing up a skirt in work, but this skirt caught my eye in Primark and I thought it was perfect for the blog, as I wanted to show people a really cheap way of recreating all the looks in the likes of Topshop, Zara and H&M.

I also really liked the slit up the front, I haven't seen a style quite like this on the high street yet, so well done to Primark on that one. I wanted a nice cheap cowl neck jumper and again Primark had just the thing. I have a thing about grey and black at the moment. Whenever I envisage an ensemble, with black or any kind of shiny PVC fabric, grey is always the condiment.

I have added my fave boots at the minute, my crooocs!! These Topshop babies are still in store, so quickly get yours for a Winter foot essential, or click on the description above and it will lead you to the online store.

Top accessory find.. this cosy black fur headband from Primark again, I think this was about £4. It is a must this Winter to keep your lovely ears warm.



  1. That skirt is AMAZING - and literally the most amazing price ever! I need a Canadian version of you... xo

  2. Love your outfit! Cannot believe it is all Primark. That skirt is gorgeous x


  3. I've been trying to get this skirt for a while now, my local Primark never seems to have my size in stock! You pull off this look so well, it looks great on you :)

    Hayley | Taxi for Jackson x


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