Homies Beanie - Vintage (Leeds),
White Shirt - Select,
Tartan Trousers - Primark,
Gold Buckled Boots - eBay,
Bag - Vintage

Hello, I'm back with another outfit post for you this evening. I'm still excepting more tartan into my wardrobe this Autumn/Winter and still open minded to a few more garments if they take my fancy. Currently I have fallen for a fellow fashion blogger's blog, where they is a fabulous tartan piece, but then Velvet Writer will need a new name if I carry on. Let's talk about my pants.. these tartan wonders had people talking, they were out in the roses red colours and also navy. I wanted to go all out TARTAN and went for the more traditional colour, well I think this is the more traditional colour tartan.
Anyways, you can't fault them for looking expensive and great quality. The fabric is great and the pocket detail, with their leather look lining is a great touch for national bargain high street chain Primark. I wanted a cute pair of tartan pants because I had seen so many black and white pairs walking around the streets of Liverpool. I wanted to wear them with my cute small black fluffy jumper here.. www.velvetwriter.com/2013/09/primarks-fluffy-power.html

I had planned to go for a nice dinner date with my boyfriend and wanted a nice outfit to match the mood I was in. So that is exactly what I wore, along with some leather boots from Topshop. This time I have gone for a more crisp look. Putting on a white skirt, nice buckled boots and a vintage beanie to make it more of a day time look.


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  1. Those trousers are amazing! You look gorgeous. xo


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