Lace Black Shorts - Topshop,
Blue Print Tee - Beloved at Topshop,
Leopard Fur Coat - Primark,
Wine Glitter Socks - Topshop,
Black Buckled Boots - New Look
 Hi everyone, I have been very busy at the moment with the mad rush at work and all the stress and goings on of Christmas time. It has always been my favourite time of year but it is balancing everything and the blog has naturally fallen on the back burner... but I'm back with some new, exciting things in my wardrobe, ready to share my recent purchases with you and how I will be dressing over this festive period. 
I also have some new inspiration for the new year and some fantastic looks I am eager to try out for 2014. I went dark not long ago, and even though I like the rich warmth of my hair, it is becoming rather too harsh for me to handle and making me look paler than I need to be in this cold weather. So I'm off to the hairdressers this Friday as a Christmas treat to myself to get some warm lighter tones back into my main. I think it will be the new and long lasting look for next year, as I am determined to grow my hair to a very healthy and satisfying length.
This outfit is my version of the Christmas vibes, with an old faux fur coat and Christmas colours. Lace is a massive must this month and if you can fit it in somewhere.. then do! I also have on one of my new accessories from the wonderful Topshop, my wine glitter sock. These are a great Christmas present for a friend or stocking filler.

Happy December guys.. watch out for new posts this week.


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  1. I love this whole outfit! Your shorts are amazing and the jacket is perfect xo


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