Grey Studded Beanie - Primark,
Roses Sweatshirt - H&M,
Blue Backpack - Topshop,
Black Shiny Joggers - Primark,

Monochrome Heels - Missguided One of my favourite outfit posts in a long time. I have been waiting a few weeks to really show off this sweatshirt. Another H&M treasure, at an amazingly affordable price. Sometimes you can go into H&M and find absolutely nothing, but then one day you will just be amazed at the garments before your eyes and want to buy half the shop.

This sweatshirt included.. I loved the pattern and also the sentimental value. '8' happens to have great meaning, most birthdays in my family, including myself were born on an 8th. Also it's become my lucky number in life and lots of unusual things happen surrounding this number.  So the top seemed an suitable choice that day.

Am I superstitious? Massively.

I have teamed it up with my favourite bargain of 2013.. my shiny joggers from Primark and then my favourite heels of 2013, by Missguided.


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  1. This outfit is so lovely, the shoes are to die for! I love strappy heels and the way you've styled them with leather pants looks amazing. I found your blog on Twitter and followed, it is amazing! Looking forward to more!

    Kassie - www.styledevoured.com xx


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