Grey Spike Beanie - Primark,
Black Crop Top - Red Cheque Shirts - Primark,
Mom Jeans - Moto Topshop,
Black Creepers



Fluffy Black Jumper - Primark,
Leather Look Skirt - Primark,
Leather Boots - Topshop,
Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors

I spotted this fabulous fluffy black jumper in Primark many weeks ago and everyone has gone crazy over it. It comes in white and pink also I think, but I just brought the black. Whilst working in Topshop I discovered these fluffy things coming through in the masses. I couldn't afford Topshop prices at the time as I hadn't been paid, so when I was having a quick look around Primark one day for a small bargain, I spotted this. I think it was around £9.00 and I feels incredible. For that price I regret not buying all the different colours.

So anyway, I confidently walked to work the next day in my new jumper and all the girls couldn't believe a fantastic lookalike was from good old Primark, I live for that shock on peoples faces when I have found an absolute steal and they are in shock and ore of where I managed to find the thing. I have teamed up this bargain find with another bargain deal, a leather look mini skirt, also from Primark for an amazing £6.00!!!! My new faithful boots from Topshop and a 'classy' watch. I love love love this outfit, all black seems to be a winner with me this Autumn.



Pink Suit Jacket - Primark,
 Black Vest Top - Primark,
Leather Part Leggings - Miss Selfridge,
Black Buckled Ankle Boots - Topshop,
Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors

Hi Guys,

I'm back and stronger than ever I feel. I have changed my hair as you can see. Gone back to my natural ways and asked the lovely hairdresser to die my hair the same colour as my roots, with some sun kissed ends (I repeat..not a dip dye) I feel much better for it. The lilac was so hard to keep up, even though it was pretty awesome. I enjoyed it through the Summer but I feel that phase in my life is over. Too many people began copying, making the look rather tacky and shit in the end. So its a new richer, healthier looking me. My hair is still hanging in there luckily after all that dye and it has its shine back which is good.

On the subject of change, I feel my style has also adapted. I use the word adapted because I believe it is slowly evolving due to age, surroundings and my current mood and ambition. My look was fairly raw, edgy, a tad gothic streak, with a touch of indie glamour but now I find myself dressing with very clean lines, key statement pieces, monochrome efforts and dare I say it.... classier!!!!!

Welcome to this new style journey I have embarked on.



Grey Basic Crop Top - Primark,
Pale Denim Dress - Primark,
White Frilly Socks - Topshop,
Glitter Jelly Sandals - Topshop,
Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors 

Geometric Galaxy T-shirt - Abandon Ship Apparel

This denim dress really took me through a great part of Summer and will still play a great part in my Winter wardrobe, with perhaps a fluffy jumper underneath with some tights. There is just so many various ways in which you can wear denim, that's why I love it.

I know there will be a few of you that had the same childhood as me, and this wonderful childhood involved a shoe invention that all kids dreamt about... jelly shoes 'jellies'. When I was in primary school, I had these exacts ones, glittery silver ones. So when they came back into fashion this year for all ages, I wanted the exact replica of the ones I had as a little girl. Where do I find such things... Topshop. With pretty frilly white shoes, it took me right back to my yester years. When you wear them, you instantly feel younger too, what a wonderful purchase.

Jacks T-shirt is from his favourite brand Abandon Ship Apparel, click on description for the link. This geometric galaxy tee is slim and fitted, Jack is 6'4 and has a thin waist and sometimes difficult to find tops that fit as neatly as this one does. This guys T-shirt is perfect for both Summer and Winter and Jack will surely be wearing his under his faithful denim jacket through these colder months.



Necklace - Topshop,
Skull Leggings - Freak Of Nature,
Black Lace Maxi Cardi - Oh My Love,
Leather Boots - Topshop,
Black Top - Love,
Gold Watch - Michael Kors

 I fell in love with these leggings when they came in as a concession in Topshop Liverpool. Freak Of Nature have some fantastic designs and fabrics unlike no other online or on the high street. It's really original and these skull leggings really represent just how wearing one item from their collection changes an entire outfit. 

I have teamed them up with a black string top from Love, my faithful leather boots from Topshop and a favourite buy this year, Oh My Love's Black Magic Cardi. I also wore this cardi on my 24th birthday (check out earlier posts). This maxi cardi can go over just about anything, it gives a great gothic vibe to any outfit, it can be worn in the Summer time to make any bikini beach wear sexy and also works as a great cover up, but I have been wearing my maxi cardi to work over a great outfit such as above. It is a key piece in your wardrobe, get yours now!

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