White Jumper - Topshop Boutique,
Pale Denim Mom Jeans - Topshop,
Black Buckled Boots - eBay,
Leopard Backpack - Primark,
Black Matte Chain Bracelet - Forever 21

I love this outfit, I love a great casual outfit.. one I can go to work in, feel stylish but comfortable all day. I purchased my Mom Jeans in the Summer time but they are definitely selling out this October. Mine are very pale but there are some great darker denim Mom Jeans that everyone needs in their wardrobe. I bought this gorgeous oversized minimal, fresh white jumper from Topshop Boutique and wearing it with my jeans, is simple but effective.

I decided to wear my eBay boots and rolled up my jeans more at the bottom. Wearing my fresh white jumper was a perfect opportunity to blog was previous POTW 'Pick of the Week'. My amazing leopard print backpack. This backpack is perfect for just £9. The material is so soft, the leopard print, with the gold buckled accents, really makes it look expensive and classy against my new fave white jumper.




Checked Coat - H&M,
Khaki Tee -Topshop,
Ares Boots - Topshop 

It's not often I go into H&M, and boy am I glad I did that day. I walked in through the entrance and noticed a checked coat in the corner of my eye. I kept walking to continue my browse before I started work, but something was telling me to go back and have another look. My evil shopaholic withdrawal symptoms kept whispering in my ear. 

I went back and noticed the amazing checked wool design, the straight style was exactly what I was looking for this Winter and the concealed buttons keeping it all in place, I had to try it on. Once the coat was on, it was just the perfect fit, I felt amazing, it was clean cut, classy and the perfect coat in my eyes for the next couple of months. Timeless in fact and then I looked at the price tag... £49.99. How can H&M produce such a fabulously designed coat for that price. Under 50 pounds was and is an absolute bargain. 

That moment, I found myself at the till entering my pin details. I wanted a really elegant look underneath, I'm wearing my Topshop khaki top and my pale pink pelmet skirt and I am loving khaki green with baby pink at the minute. Another regular to my blog posts at the moment.. my Ares Topshop black boots, they haven't landed themselves on my shoe rack just yet, which is a great sign that they are being worn often. 

For me the look was complete, really simple and sophisticated. You really feel fabulous in this coat, it has a bit of weight in it and the part wool really keeps out the chill in the air. You can wear it open or nice and neat with all the buttons done up. The buttons are concealed at the neckline and also in the middle to keep everything in place.

Hope you love this coat and the look as much as I do. Comments appreciated below..


Here is my wonderful photographer at the minute.. my boyfriend Jack. 
He's loving using the camera at the minite and having his part in what seems to take over my life most evenings. Collectively we have been trying to capture the setting of Liverpool, as much as we focus on the clothing. 
Jack has a great eye for backgrounds and lighting too, so great things are yet to come :)




Black Fluffy Headband - Primark,
Cowl Neck Grey Knit Jumper - Primark,
PVC Black Lookalike Skirt - Primark,
Black Croc Boots - Topshop

So this is what I feel my niche is in the blogger sphere is. Ok maybe not niche, but what I would like to consider my part is online. I like to find ridiculously affordable fashion and make them look expensive. To turn a cheap high street brand, into an upmarket brand and to have my readers surprised as to where I actually bought my clothing from. 

I hope this blog has one of those moments...
this skirt is something like £9. It's amazing. It is a PVC lookalike. Now I never did jump on the PVC bandwagon, even though I'm currently still eyeing up a skirt in work, but this skirt caught my eye in Primark and I thought it was perfect for the blog, as I wanted to show people a really cheap way of recreating all the looks in the likes of Topshop, Zara and H&M.

I also really liked the slit up the front, I haven't seen a style quite like this on the high street yet, so well done to Primark on that one. I wanted a nice cheap cowl neck jumper and again Primark had just the thing. I have a thing about grey and black at the moment. Whenever I envisage an ensemble, with black or any kind of shiny PVC fabric, grey is always the condiment.

I have added my fave boots at the minute, my crooocs!! These Topshop babies are still in store, so quickly get yours for a Winter foot essential, or click on the description above and it will lead you to the online store.

Top accessory find.. this cosy black fur headband from Primark again, I think this was about £4. It is a must this Winter to keep your lovely ears warm.

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