Burnt Orange & PVC

Wet Look PVC Leggings - Topshop,
Black Gothic Choker - eBay,
Buckled Boots - New Look

Hi Guys, I have had a great week so far, work has slowed down after the Christmas rush, so it's back to calm and normality. Also, I have had some amazing comments and feedback on my blog the last few days. I lovely reader Chloe left such a nice message on a post the other day and it's left me feeling really optimistic for the future and what it might have in store.

This outfit is one you could say I am living in at the moment. I really love this burnt orange sweat dress from Topshop. It was originally the structure that caught my eye and the fact it has pockets but now the colour is really growing on me and I feel it worked well with my richer hair colour and complexion. 

I have made the orange more edgy with some wet look PVC leggings, also from Topshop and a gothic choker I bid for on eBay. There are still so many variations of this necklace that you can find on eBay, all under £5.


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  1. I love the PVC leggings mixed with that statement orange piece. Such a fierce and bold outfit!

    Fox & Feather


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