Long Grey Cardigan - H&M,
Burgandy Top - Primark,
Leather High Waisted Trousers - H&M,

Hi guys, completely shocked and overwhelmed at the response about my blog this week. It's really exciting getting that exposure through instagram and people really appreciating your own person style and creativity.

Please head over to my instagram using Velvet Writer and give me a follow if you prefer more visual updates of my posts, rather than have me ramble on here.

I really enjoyed shooting this outfit post, I had a really successful shopping trip at H&M the other day when my mum came up to visit me in Liverpool. As most mother and daughter get-togethers, the plan was to head straight to the shops till we become overly stressed and then need the excuse to relax and natter over a 'large' glass of wine at lunch. 

Finally I managed to pick up some leather high waisted trousers for about £24.99. H&M really do have an amazing range of leather pants to suit all shapes and sizes, so if you are still looking for that hint of leather in your wardrobe.. then this high street store is my recommendation.

I also picked up this gorgeous long grey cardigan in the sale for just £7. I'm a sucker for all types of cloaks and cover ups, as I'm quite a lazy fashionista in the day time and during work. I liked the idea of grey, as I already have a nice silk black one from Topshop. My mum bought these gorgeous 'me and you' beanies, also from H&M for me at Christmas time, I hadn't planned on doing the cliche photo with my boyfriend but as he's my photographer, he couldn't help himself wanting to get in on the action.

Whether I wear these hats most days.. I don't know, but Jack loves the 'You' one :)

Now I'm going to harp on about just how amazing my new trainers are!!!!!! I was originally supposed to have these raring to go on Christmas day but unfortunately the size 5 didn't fit. (I'm a size 5 by the way). I was really disappointed, as I hadn't tried any on before and just fell in love with this style and colour after seeing so many people walking round the city delighfully in them... and understandably I needed my own pair.

I waited till January to finally get round to changing them for a size 6 as they are really neat fitting, and even the 6 is calling it close but god were they worth the wait. New Balance 574's are the most comfortable trainer I have every owed. The moment they are on my feet, I can't help but bounce around full of life. There is also nothing better than going to work, knowing you are going to be on your feet for the next 9 hours and not going to hear a peep out of your heels or toes.

I chose black, white and grey, purely because I only had to see them on someone once, and I immediately needed them in my possession, but now it has become such a practical idea, as they go with everything. Win win!


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  1. These are so cool! I love the monochrome look, and that cardigan is gorgeous - it looks SO soft xo


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