I'll be honest, I haven't yet started reading this lovely thing but with all the hype and many friends a proud owner of.. I am eager to start!

I got Alexa Chung's IT book as a present for Christmas off my mum, along with these lovely Barry M Nail Varnish's off my boyfriend. They strangely matched the book, so I thought putting them together would make a nice photo.

I'm still loyal to Barry M as a nail paint brand, as I like their sizing, the fact they're square, the colour choices and most of all the quality of the paint for the price. I have accumulated quite a collection, but this lovely blue and glitter black have been my latest choices for the new year.
Great treats to begin 2014...



  1. I got It for Christmas from my brother! So in love xo

  2. I totally agree with what you say about Barry M... Their colours are great & really reasonably priced in comparison to other high street brands where the selection is pretty poor. Also, Il be interested to hear what you think of that book, seems like everyone got it for christmas... Il hold out for reviews! xx

  3. Hi, I nominated you for a Liebster award :) follow the link to see what your questions are and my responses! http://holliefurniss.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/ive-been-liebsteredexpand-your-network.html


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