Oversized Homies

Beanie - Vintage,
Cream Bralet - Topshop,
Cream Coat -  Topshop,
Mom Jeans - Topshop,
New Balance Trainers - Footasylum

Love love love this coat... my boyfriend thought it was a dressing gown when we came to do the shoot, and that I was just using it to keep me warm whilst we walked across the street. I don't care, I love it and it is so cosy and effortlessly put together. 

I love the way it just falls on your body, the arms are stitched so they fit just perfectly where your arm bend at the elbow. I also love the larger than life detail at the front, and with seeing so many over sized coats and trainer combos on instagram.. I had to jump on the trend waggon.

This was another perfect opportunity to bring out my New Balance trainers again on a post. I love this look, nothing better than an over sized coat and some comfortable footwear. Obviously I have thrown a beanie in there too. As I continue to say.. my collection is never ending and I'm going to eventually need a separate room for my head wear. Seriously!

This bralet is from Topshop and it's perfect for just £18. I originally had the idea to wear it with some high waisted smart trousers, but I wanted to try it with some pale jeans and this coat.



  1. I LOVE this! Your shoes are gorgeous xo

  2. Gorgeous! <3




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