Carhartt Beanie
- Carhartt,
 Denim Jacket - Bite Me Clothing,
Suede Jersey Jumper - Primark,
Black Leggings - Primark,
 Black Shoes - Levis

This beanie is actually my boyfriends but its new home is my head at the moment. I have always looked on Carhartt and wanted to get my own beanie but just never got round to it. I really want a camel coloured one for the Summer.. and yes I wear beanies in the Summer time :)

I love how casual this outfit is, this is the type of outfit I would wear on a simple four hour shift in work when I just want to be comfortable. It also has a tweak of vintage which I'm slowly getting back into.

My new style crush is Louise Allen Rose, also known as Foxes. I love her music at the moment but most of all her style, I have never quite found anyone before that I will admittedly try sourcing all their clothing online and slightly stalk shall we say.. I really just love her whole persona and she gives me great fashion inspo. You should check her out!

This denim jacket was a gift off an incredibly talented person, owner and director of Bite Me Clothing. Lauren's designs are sick, and after blogging a few of her pieces last year, she kindly gave me this jacket after expressing my love for it. Who doesn't like pizza?

Lastly my rad shoes!!!! I went vintage and charity shopping with my mum last Friday and came across these amazing Levi shoes, the only pair, in my size and they cost me just £2.50. Purchase of the week!



  1. Love this! I am so obsessed with that bag xo

  2. Love the jacket <3



  3. Love this laid back style, the jacket is perfection & you should keep this beanie... it looks gorgeous on you <3


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