Pink Beanie - Primark,
RUN DMC Tee - Primark,
Black PVC Skirt - Topshop,
Black Boots - Topshop,
Black Sheer Tights - Primark
I know this post looks completely different to my normal Liverpool street scene but it has rained both days I've had off recently, but I was determined to get a post out to you guys. I'm sick of how unreliable the UK is for bloggers through this awkward transition into Spring. Not that Spring will provide amazing weather but the chances of rain on my only days off will hopefully become less.
So, I have decided to join fellow bloggers that do their outfit shoots indoors. I used to do them awhile back but preferred taking them outside and using various different locations and backgrounds, but from now on, when it rains, I'm going to do this. For my fellow readers out there, please let me know what you think and whether you even prefer it?

I have on a very bright beanie today, I picked up this little gem the other day, along with another colour. These beanies are great quality for just £2 at Primark.. if your not always about labels, then spending the last few coins in your purse on various colours is most definitely worth it. I'm not really a girly girl, so pink was a unusual choice for me, but it was mainly for the sake of the tee. Primark in Liverpool have a jersey section and within this, you can find great printed tees with various artists, pictures and words on. I like this because of the flower detail in the 'RUN DMC' and also the thick black neckline. I think this tshirt cost me about £6/£8 last week and there are so many to choose from.

I have matched this up with my new black PVC skirt, again like the knee high boots, I hadn't jumped at the chance to continue the craze of PVC, but this ended up in the sale at £7, so I felt it would hold some purpose in my wardrobe as you can never have enough black items. I also have on my faithful black boots, I'm still hoping to find some new boots this month which will knock these babies off the top spot.. but I haven't found any just yet.
Oh and if anyone wants to know where I get my tights from, I get them from Primark and they are 15 Denier Black. They are also 'ladder resistant' but seriously... why aren't all tights ladder resistant? It's like selling a pair of faulty tights if they're not.



  1. Love the Tee, Primark are so god for pieces like that! xx


  2. I need to look out for that beanie in Primark, such a lovely colour!


  3. Love it, great outfit!




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