Turban Hat - Primark,
Small High Neck Crop - Primark,
Black Leather Look Skirt - Primark,
Berry Red Shirt - Topshop,
Necklace - Vintage,
Black Sandals - New Look

Let me begin by professing my love for this shirt. As soon as I saw it in work, I knew I had to have it. I sometimes can't avoid floaty garments, because they can just be worn in so many different ways. This fabric is amazing too. I loved the berry red colour with the black stripe detail and the buttons all the way through the front. I have worn this buttoned up before with a nice little belt round the middle, but now my preferred choice is it just left open revealing a simple clean outfit underneath. 
This will definitely be a strong piece to take me through the Summer, with a nice tee and some frayed denim shorts.

I decided to keep it really simple and have an all black combo underneath. I have on my favourite black high neck crop, which I found in the sale at Primark for £3. I also have on a small pleather skirt, sheer tights and a turban like hat. I haven't had this turban out since last year and I'm feeling they should make a definitive come back.

Where are my sandals from I hear you say?....
New Look. These were an absolute steal, I have seen so many different variations on instagram and from fellow bloggers. I wanted to find my own and have been searching high and low.. I originally wanted a white pair, but when I came across these black sandals on the New Look website, I had to have them. For just £24.99 they are an absolute steal, last week New Look had a student offer of 20% off too. My boyfriend kindly got me these babies for just £19.99 :) Winning!!



  1. Love the look. Stylish yet comfortable! :D

  2. That shirt it amazing, love how you kept it so simple and classic underneath xx


  3. I love this whole outfit! The shoes are perfect xo


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