Black and camel have been my favourite colours of 2013 and I am still sporting these colours through the Spring. All browns and camel colours matche the toffee colour in my hair. My boyfriend picked the perfect beanie colour for my this Valentines. I have completely converted to the Carhartt head life, I was anti the brand due to the fact everyone who walked the streets of Bold Street in Liverpool were wearing them. I always tend to want to steer away from that typical indie fashion, but once everyone finally caught on to other brands, Carhartt started to turn my head. This beanie is now one of my favourite hats, and that means a lot considering I have literally a hundred beanies.

I'm slightly in love with this sweater! It deserves so much 'Hype'. I really need to buy more things from their site. This whole outfit is part of the 'comfy zone', every girl has those type of casual outfits that make her feel most comfortable, the ones she wants to crawl into after a long day at work. The trainers obviously help the matter even more, with being the comfiest trainers known to women.

Carhartt Beanie - HERE
New Balance Trainers - HERE
Leggings - Primark
Hype Sweatshirt - HERE
Choker - HERE
Lipstick - MAC


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  1. I love this - so versatile and you look great xo


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