Black Snapback - The Hundreds, Denim Shirt - Ragged Priest, Black Leggings - Primark, Grey Frilly Socks - Internacionale, Levi Boots - Vintage, Casio Watch - Urban Outfitters

So I'm back in work, it's back to reality for me. Being home in Wales gave me the opportunity to appreciate the place more as I see only the city wales and my gorgeous little flat is right in the heart of everything. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to walk 3 minutes to work and have the cinema down the road. I managed to take this outfit post in Wales and the sun was out. It felt really strange, as this Winter has gone on forever and it literally found it impossible to focus on the camera lens, hence the fact I'm not really looking directly at the camera in any of the shots.

I have on my new denim shirt by Ragged Priest, as a denim shirt is a new statement must have in your wardrobe this season. My offers a slight twist with tartan patches and a more grunge look. It's really like weight, so I knew I could wear this through the summer time with some shorts. I have one my favourite The Hundreds snapback and some simple black leggings. This is a key Spring look for me and a very casual go-to outfit. I'm planning on going to Alton Towers this year, as I normally make sure I have a day there once a year, but I missed out last year, so I'm thinking an outfit along these lines would be perfect, comfy and practical. 

I'm finally leaving my MK watch on the side table and leaving the house with my old favourite, my vintage gold casio watch I bought a few years ago from Urban Outfitters. As I have this new obsession with the female singer Foxes, I noticed she wears her one all the time, so it encouraged me to bring mine out of my jewellery boxes and start the trend all over again. Click on the link above if you want one for yourself.



  1. This is so cool! I am so obsessed with those sleeves xo

  2. gorgoeus look, I am seeing so much from the ragged priest brand at the moment... they will be hearing from me on payday! It looks beautifully sunny there as well! Perfect casual look <3 i come undone


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