For those who follow my instagram.. you will have seen most of these pictures already and heard all about my latest Primark haul! Here is the £13 dress I was telling you about!!! I went shopping with my mum yesterday and had been meaning to pop into the Primark in town for this dress. The fabric is great quality for what it is, soft to touch and looks really expensive. The collar is made well and I'm wearing my size, a size 8 and it's still got so much room in it. This amazing white sheer number cost me just £13 and I don't care what anyone says about Primark, I love nothing more than finding a bargain and if you buy the right thing from there, it's really rewarding to have special pieces that you haven't had to break the bank for. Zara has a similar style jumper dress but its £30 and Topshop are also showcasing a love of sheer panelling fashion. So this was a perfect opportunity to show my readers and my followers why I love affordable fashion and with the right styling.. you can make even a Primark dress a success.

I have matched it up with some black croc lace up boots, keeping in theme with the monochrome look and another bargain of the day, was this roll over crisp white clutch from Internacionale, they have recently gone into administration and everything has gone into sale stock. I thought I would take a look and maybe get a great deal on some leggings or jersey tops, but then I ended up spotting this little dream. What do you think? ...

I also have on, all gold accessories, my gold Michael Kors watch, gold midi rings I recently purchased from Topshop from their mid-season sale and also gold earrings. I NEVER wear earrings, so this was a massive change for me and felt quite strange but I'm inclined to give it another go soon. I also have in a new gold nose ring, so I felt I was rocking some gypsy/nomadic vibes.

I have also styled this amazing dress for the daytime on my instagram.. so head over to http://instagram.com/glitterandgrimes and let me know what you think.

 Dress - Primark
Boots - Topshop
Bag - Internacionale
Watch - Michael Kors
Rings - Topshop

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  1. I love this all white look!IYou look sleek and modern
    Deejay Speaks
    She Has The Eye

  2. Can't believe that dress is from primark! At first I thought it was from misguided;p but this is a gorgeous outfit! And I love the accessories you've paired it with :) x
    |Life as a Petite|

  3. I can't believe that dress is primark! What an absolute barg!

    Helen xxx


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