This trend is my favourite at the minute and with seeing so many 'sliders and socks' pictures on instagram.. I had to post this new look.

My whole outfit is believe it or not.. from Primark. The leather-look joggers, the small black vest and the white sliders. It's only the white ribbed jumper & cloak that is from Topshop.

I have created a monochrome Sports Luxe inspired outfit and one that I would wear most days for its versatility. Simple yet stylish. My style is slowly evolving and I'm loving how much it has changed, just over the past few months. I still love my gothic grime, but this trend is just perfect this Spring and I'm loving searching all these sporty sheek looks on Pinterest!!

Vest - Primark
Joggers - Primark
Cloak - Topshop
Sweater - Topshop
Sliders - Primark
Lips - MAC



Hi guys, I haven't done an outdoor shoot in ages, so here is my latest blog post outside. I have on all white, featuring my latest DIY ripped white jeans from Primark for just £10. Please hunt through my previous posts to find out just how I did them :) I also have on my new white jersey ribbed sweater from Topshop and I recently found my old vintage over sized Levi denim jacket. This is sure to stay with me most days now till I end up getting sick of it.

Also I have on my New Look sandals that I bought awhile back, everyone is asking me on my instagram where I got them from, so here is a link for you guys, as they are now back in stock...

Jacket - Levis
Jeans - Primark
Sweater - Topshop
Sandals - New Look



I'm finally getting round to blogging this amazing Zara dress, as last Friday I fell over and smashed my face on the road and cut open my chin, so I haven't wanted to be in front of the camera till now. You can still see the small cut but it's not as bad. I have on my baby blue, eye dress from Zara. I bought this about a week and a half ago and posted a picture on my instagram. I have been deciding what to wear it with this Spring and also wanted to show off my custom made head chain by Indigo Moon Jewellery.

I have on my amazing gift from Bite Me Clothing, this rad Pizza denim jacket and also my new boots!! Everyone on instagram is asking my where I got them from... they look just like Dr Martens and they are incredibly soft. I got them from the Internacionale closing down sale from just £20 last week, along with some leopard trainers for £12. They were giving away great footwear at bargain prices.

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Dress - Zara
Jacket - Bite Me Clothing
Head Chain - Indigo Moon
Boots - Internacionale

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