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Here Jack and I had a Barburrito in the sunshine. I wasn't overly keen of them to start with but this was now my second as I wanted to give them another try and they're also Jacks favourite. Long story short, I loved it. I think I just happened to pick all the right ingredients! I'm now basically a member, I have a loyalty card and I get discount. Winning.

Pic 2
A picture of my amazing snakeskin journal, which I use to write all my latest outfit post ideas in, fashion inspiration and also various YouTube ideas. So basically it's a blogging diary. I also have a gorgeous plum colour by Barry M which will never date. It's still such a great colour on both your hands and toes.

Pic 3
It's pretty much a selfie at it's best but I wanted to show off my new gypsy style off the shoulder Summer top from H&M. It is an off white colour and mega soft material. Should still be in the shops now!

Pic 4
Jack and I having a picnic on the grass on one of my days off. I have on my favourite hats this season, a khaki fedora hat, also from H&M. I'm normally not comfortable with any other styled hat other than a beanie, but really makes me feel good. I also have on my new fave sunglasses from Forever 21.

Pic 5
Everyone is raving about mesh and fishnet fabrics, so I managed to dig out an old black meshed dress by Oh My Love. I will be wearing it again very soon. So here is a little corner piece teaser for you.

Pic 6
Krispy Kremes are my weakness. Since going hard at the gym and taking it seriously. We have decided to have a cheat day every Saturday where a single Krispy Kreme doughnut will be involved. My favourite is the 'Chocolate Sprinkle'.

Pic 7
Now a picture of me actually holding the amazing three, which again is pictured on the city's only green area in town. I always tend to wear black as well when it's extremely sunny, idiot.

Pic 8
A lovely black and white of my camera. I have had her for years now and I'm slowly starting to think I could get myself something better, but I feel guilty even saying that. A small Nikon would do just great. We will have to wait and see.

Pic 9
My new black leather-look sliders from...... PRIMARK. So many people on my instagram fell in love with these. I knew they were an absolute steal for just £5 and honestly they never really leave my feet. Unfortunately I don't think they stock these particular ones anymore :(

Pic 10
Just a random picture of some beautiful flowers that caught my eye on a walk home.

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  1. I love these, such cute photography!


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