Triangl Swimwear got in touch with me last month and I had the pleasure of selecting a bikini from their incredibly popular swimwear range online.

Before I knew it, I had this baby arrive at my door a few weeks later. I chose the COCO MOONBEAMS bikini, obviously! I loved the metallic pieces on the site and I knew I wanted the silver bottoms and then when I saw they had a lime green top which looked khaki green under the black mesh, I was sold instantly. 

This is my absolute favourite from their swimwear collection and before they emailed me about a collaboration, I had seen so many Triangl bikinis floating around on instagram that I had already been on the site to invision which one I would end up picking if they were to ever contact me.

Take a quick look at my snap shots of my chosen bikini by Triangl...

Keep an eye out on my instagram for pictures of me actually wearing this soon :)

If you want to check out more of their swimwear or even their underwear collection.. Click here!


To shop my bikini 'COCO MOONBEAMS' Click here!


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  1. This bikini looks so cool!
    xx beautyybychloe.blogspot.com


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