Here are a few snapshots from my birthday last week. I turned 25! Yikes! I'm a quarter of the way through. Right at the top is a picture of my amazing homemade birthday cake, made by my lovely boyfriend. He knows I love banoffee so much, that he went and made me my very own Banoffee Birthday cake with marshmallows ontop, added bonus of course. 

I had such an amazing day, everyone completely spoilt me, I was so surprised. Jack got me some Nike sliders that I had been harping on about for ages, a matching Nike phone case which was totally his idea and I loved it. I was also in desperate need of a case for my new MacBook, as I don't want it to get scratched, so he bought me this awesome matte black one, which you can still see the apple logo shine through it when you power it up. Last but not least, he got me the most amazing studded biker jacket by Oh My Love London. This coat is to die for... you guys will be sick of the look of it by the time I'm done with it.

I wore an Illustrated People co-ord in the day time, the weather was nice and Jack and I went for a tapas lunch outside and then to get some cocktails and doughnuts in this new place in town called Yardbird. I had a peanut butter and chocolate one! Then we met my family later at the Albert Docks for a meal at Smugglers Cove (one of my favourites) Most of us had hanging kebabs and too much alcohol, but hey it was my birthday! They also spoilt me, as my sister got me loads of cool new makeup which I will be blogging very soon and little treats like a keyboard for my iPad mini etc. 

I wore a Kendelle off the shoulder playsuit, lots of jewellery, my Primark boots and then my new studded jacket to complete the look.

Then it was off to Alton Towers the next day, as I'm a big kid :P

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  1. Aww your prezzies are amazing and love your outfits! looks like ya had a great day :) X


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