I have been searching for months for the perfect skull ring and as my birthday approached I had been admiring many rings on instagram when I came across the jewellery brand, Good After Nine. They specialise in fun unique jewellery designs such as skulls and animals. They have daytime rings (9am) and night time rings (9pm). The concept is so unique and another reason why I had to check them out.

I had fallen in love with one of their skull rings and when they got in touch with me just before my birthday last week, I was so excited to pick some pieces from their collection. Here are the two rings I chose...

My Ride or Die ring is the gold skull with the matte black helmet, the detail of this ring is amazing and it is now my all time favourite ring and I wear it all the time. The fit is perfect and it's quite heavy and great quality for the price point. 

Then I chose the Galactic Earth skull ring in Glitter Ocean Green, I have a weakness for anything sparkly and this green skull ring was my favourite from their glitter collection. They came in the most amazing packaging too, as you can see above. I know keep the rings in these boxes as I couldn't bring myself to throw them away.

If you wish to purchase any of these rings, click on the descriptions above in bold :)

Or just check out the whole lot here.. www.goodafternine.com

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