So excited to finally be blogging about this!! So many of you will have seen this top posted all over my Instagram...

Rock On Ruby kindly got in touch with me and asked me to design a top for their 'Blogger Collection' on their site. I was so honoured and excited to be part of such a unique project. I took some time carefully planning out what I wanted my top to look like and what type of audience I wanted it to attract. I had my followers in mind when designing my top but also some personal style mixed in. 

Rock On Ruby base their company around slogan tops and conversational fashion, which is something that really interests me and a style of clothing I am passionate about.

As soon as I told them I wanted it to be a crop top, they sent me through some pictures of the types of styles and colours I could choose from.  I decided to go with this amazing nude colour and I wanted a very gothic style font.

My crop says 'More Money More Clothes', as I wanted to keep it in connection with fashion and blogging itself. The guys at Rock On Ruby sent me a template image of what my crop would look like and before I knew it, it had arrived at my house and it was exactly what I wanted and looked exactly like the draft picture they sent over. As a team they were so thorough and in the end produced the exact idea I had in mind.

The material of their tops are really thick and elasticated. With this crop being such great quality fabric is makes it really comfortable to wear as it's perfectly snug to you body shape. I love it so much, I am forever in it!!

They also kindly wrote Glitte & Grimes on the back of the top, which was actually a surprise detail that I knew nothing about till it arrived. So that was a really nice touch.

If any of you wish to purchase my crop, it is now available on their website. 
Click below for more details - 


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  1. Love the crop top, i adore the tight fitting style of it and I agree with the slogan! Such a lovely opportunity!x



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