So, as many of you already know, people who follow me on my Twitter account and also my instagram.. I was lucky enough to attend the AX Paris Press Day AW/14 event.

It was a perfect day, I got to meet some of my blogger friends at the train station in Manchester and off we went hurling a cab to the Black Dog Ballroom. It was quite surreal to have someone greeting us on the staircase to the venue, looking at the guest list asking for our blog names. I was very proud to say Glitter and Grimes.

AX Paris did such an amazing job, as you can probably tell by all my pictures. I tried to capture every moment for you guys. The bar staff just kept on making amazing cocktails which you could constantly help yourself to. They also put on the most amazing food, including mini burger buns, sweet potato fries (win!) and lots of pizza.

They had personalised cupcakes for everyone, special goodie bags full of treats and an exclusive booth where you could take pictures and print them out instantly.

I generally loved the whole atmosphere and concept of the day. Each area of the floor showcased their fabulous A/W collection. It was colour co-ordinated into sections at the event and everyone seemed to go crazy over their statement Autumn/Winter fur coat (pictured above).

For the event, I wore all Forever 21. My amazing copper/pink coloured faux fur jacket is from Forever 21, along with my gorgeous new tartan pleated mini skirt and a silk blush shirt. I also wore black patent Topshop boots, along with a shopper bag with all retro cameras on. My whole outfit was inspired by soft pink colours, a fur statement, with a grunge twist.

I think someone described my look on instagram as very 'clueless'. (the movie) :)

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