Hello guys, I am currently working with CAT Footwear & USC to promote this amazing opportunity for FOUR lucky people to win a chance to be the new face of CAT Footwear!! (2 girls & 2 boys) I was lucky enough to go down to London and enter and promote the experience :)

Simply get yourself down to the USC Store in Oxford Street London, head over to the CAT Footwear sharing booth and using the model casting machine to take your pictures and simple send them off to CAT Footwear with the click of a button.

Here in my pictures you will see just how easy the whole process really is...

You have the option to take one big picture or four smaller options and with the choice of two different effects (optional) then you simply share these pictures on your social sites, send them off to CAT Footwear to enter the competition and you also get a personalised print to take home as a souvenir. 

I hope my pictures help this all make sense. I had such a great time getting some of the people of London to enter that day and any of you that want to take this opportunity and think that you have what it takes, then get yourself down to Oxford Street and enter the easiest modelling casting to date. 

If I can do it, then you can too.

Good Luck! x

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