Hi Everyone, I am in love with this outfit and my new trousers. I got this inspiration from a new style icon of mine.. FKA Twigs. I have recently died my hair dark and you guys will be seeing so many different hair styles to come, keep an eye out, I have some amazing ideas and a whole new look to achieve before Christmas.

Here I am wearing my new crochet crop from Olive and Frank. You guys will have heard a lot about this brand on my Instagram and Twitter account. Over the Summer I modelled for their website and I got to choose some lovely pieces from their website to share with my lovely readers and insta followers. 

This crop is so incredibly comfy and I wish it was Summer all over again. I would even wear this on a night out under a nice blazer. There is just so many different ways in which to style it and it was just £25! (I will link the item below)

I have it on with my new favourite Topshop ripped utility trousers, they have really deep pockets, and I love the look and structure of these pants. I also have on my dupe Dr Martens, a vintage style belt and a selection of my favourite bangles. This look is really easy to achieve with various different item options. some high waisted jeans, a crop and boots are a perfect Autumn transition. The weather is still very up and down here in the UK at the minute, so this style of outfit is definitely my favourite at the minute. 

Crop - Olive and Frank
Trousers - Topshop

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  1. I love FKA Twigs, I can definitely see her in this outfit! Your top is so cute :)
    Tiana x


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