Primark have done it again, left me with my mouth wide open, eagerly awaiting payday. Their Spring/Summer Collection has even more than you would expect from the cheapest, under-rated high street brand in the country. To show them my appreciation of their great designs and price points, I have carefully selected my top 10 for all my readers to preview. I'm not afraid to say that I love a great Primark find. There is nothing more satisfying than finding a great item, having an admirer ask where it's from and you get the joy of witnessing the shock and horror when they discover it's just from Primark. These items below were my top 10 choices out of 210, Primark showcased a preview of their new SS14 collection recently on the Look Magazine website. This black and white co-ord will be a girls best friend this Spring, and anyone lucky enough to grab a hold of the combo in their exact sizes, well lets just say you are one of the lucky ones. I am yet to achieve two size 8s, in both the jacket and the shorts. Primark's pleather is also coming through in the masses, and it is safe to say that whilst being loyal to Topshop as my work place, their pleather is far better quality than any other high street chain. This mint green pleather skirt in the top left hand corner also comes in the popular Winter camel colour, at just £10 each, it would be stupid to not have these two key skirt in your wardrobe.

Say hello to these beautiful pastel pink shoes, they are the best yet and with all these pastel colours flying around the place, once all the fashionistas and bloggers get onto these, there will be none left on the shelf by the end of the day. Lastly I'm going to mention the blue dogtooth maxi shirt, this is one I am eager to look out for, and one that is a sure top spot for events such as the races and late night picnics in the parks. Already I have so much outfit inspiration from these 10 hits. Let me know what you think?




White Headband - Primark, Black Tee - Primark, White Skort - Zara, Black Boots - Topshop, Navy Baseball Jacket - Topshop, Chequed Shirt - Primark

More black and white outfit posts coming your way. I just can't seem to break the habit lately, I need some colour in my wardrobe over the next few months. Again another shoot indoors, which is all down to the UK's fabulous reliable weather. I love my new baseball jacket, I got it in the sale at Topshop for just £5, and with my staff discount on top, well the amount is the price of a packet of posh crisps. It is going everywhere with me, I love its diversity and ability to go with most outfits, jeans for example and a regular favourite of mine lately, over a dress.  

Many celebrities are taking to instagram in their baseball jackets, so I have so much inspiration yet to use with this bargain jacket. Keep an eye out!




Carhartt Beanie
- Carhartt,
 Denim Jacket - Bite Me Clothing,
Suede Jersey Jumper - Primark,
Black Leggings - Primark,
 Black Shoes - Levis

This beanie is actually my boyfriends but its new home is my head at the moment. I have always looked on Carhartt and wanted to get my own beanie but just never got round to it. I really want a camel coloured one for the Summer.. and yes I wear beanies in the Summer time :)

I love how casual this outfit is, this is the type of outfit I would wear on a simple four hour shift in work when I just want to be comfortable. It also has a tweak of vintage which I'm slowly getting back into.

My new style crush is Louise Allen Rose, also known as Foxes. I love her music at the moment but most of all her style, I have never quite found anyone before that I will admittedly try sourcing all their clothing online and slightly stalk shall we say.. I really just love her whole persona and she gives me great fashion inspo. You should check her out!

This denim jacket was a gift off an incredibly talented person, owner and director of Bite Me Clothing. Lauren's designs are sick, and after blogging a few of her pieces last year, she kindly gave me this jacket after expressing my love for it. Who doesn't like pizza?

Lastly my rad shoes!!!! I went vintage and charity shopping with my mum last Friday and came across these amazing Levi shoes, the only pair, in my size and they cost me just £2.50. Purchase of the week!




Turban Hat - Primark,
Small High Neck Crop - Primark,
Black Leather Look Skirt - Primark,
Berry Red Shirt - Topshop,
Necklace - Vintage,
Black Sandals - New Look

Let me begin by professing my love for this shirt. As soon as I saw it in work, I knew I had to have it. I sometimes can't avoid floaty garments, because they can just be worn in so many different ways. This fabric is amazing too. I loved the berry red colour with the black stripe detail and the buttons all the way through the front. I have worn this buttoned up before with a nice little belt round the middle, but now my preferred choice is it just left open revealing a simple clean outfit underneath. 
This will definitely be a strong piece to take me through the Summer, with a nice tee and some frayed denim shorts.

I decided to keep it really simple and have an all black combo underneath. I have on my favourite black high neck crop, which I found in the sale at Primark for £3. I also have on a small pleather skirt, sheer tights and a turban like hat. I haven't had this turban out since last year and I'm feeling they should make a definitive come back.

Where are my sandals from I hear you say?....
New Look. These were an absolute steal, I have seen so many different variations on instagram and from fellow bloggers. I wanted to find my own and have been searching high and low.. I originally wanted a white pair, but when I came across these black sandals on the New Look website, I had to have them. For just £24.99 they are an absolute steal, last week New Look had a student offer of 20% off too. My boyfriend kindly got me these babies for just £19.99 :) Winning!!




Pink Beanie - Primark,
RUN DMC Tee - Primark,
Black PVC Skirt - Topshop,
Black Boots - Topshop,
Black Sheer Tights - Primark
I know this post looks completely different to my normal Liverpool street scene but it has rained both days I've had off recently, but I was determined to get a post out to you guys. I'm sick of how unreliable the UK is for bloggers through this awkward transition into Spring. Not that Spring will provide amazing weather but the chances of rain on my only days off will hopefully become less.
So, I have decided to join fellow bloggers that do their outfit shoots indoors. I used to do them awhile back but preferred taking them outside and using various different locations and backgrounds, but from now on, when it rains, I'm going to do this. For my fellow readers out there, please let me know what you think and whether you even prefer it?

I have on a very bright beanie today, I picked up this little gem the other day, along with another colour. These beanies are great quality for just £2 at Primark.. if your not always about labels, then spending the last few coins in your purse on various colours is most definitely worth it. I'm not really a girly girl, so pink was a unusual choice for me, but it was mainly for the sake of the tee. Primark in Liverpool have a jersey section and within this, you can find great printed tees with various artists, pictures and words on. I like this because of the flower detail in the 'RUN DMC' and also the thick black neckline. I think this tshirt cost me about £6/£8 last week and there are so many to choose from.

I have matched this up with my new black PVC skirt, again like the knee high boots, I hadn't jumped at the chance to continue the craze of PVC, but this ended up in the sale at £7, so I felt it would hold some purpose in my wardrobe as you can never have enough black items. I also have on my faithful black boots, I'm still hoping to find some new boots this month which will knock these babies off the top spot.. but I haven't found any just yet.
Oh and if anyone wants to know where I get my tights from, I get them from Primark and they are 15 Denier Black. They are also 'ladder resistant' but seriously... why aren't all tights ladder resistant? It's like selling a pair of faulty tights if they're not.

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