Finally got my hands on the most talked about sandal on instagram.. I have seen these pink beauties floating round on various pictures and even though I don't see myself as a pink kind of girl, these dusky leather slip ons seemed to perfect to ignore. I have my ever growing collection of Spring footwear, including three different types of sliders, but I have to say that for looks, price and comfortability.. Zara has outshone the rest.

They are so unbelievably comfy and the colour does believe it or not, go with just about anything. I thought I would team them up with my Missguided boyfriend jeans and an oversized baseball tee from Primark. The perfect go-to lazy day outfit. My kind of Sunday attire whilst catching up on Game of Thrones. 

Please comment below and let me know what you think, or whether you gave in to temptation and bought these yourself?

Top - Primark
Jeans - Missguided
Sliders - ZARA


Hi Guys, I recently posted a picture on my Instagram of this outfit build and haven't had chance until now to post the look on my site.. so here it is. I am still completely in love with my silver Topshop sandals, which may I add, hurt like hell until you wear them in a bit. I have them on with my new black glitter socks which I picked up on the 3 for £8 offer. I also have on my old red tartan trousers from Primark. Some of you might think it's a wacky look, but I absolutely love it. I felt the silver shoes went really well with the deep red tartan tailored trousers. 

I also have on my favourite tee by Illustrated People, which will also be featured on my YouTube channel, just search 'glitterandgrimes'. This black and white tee is just up my street and I wear it all the time. You can dress it up or dress is down and the detail on the back is pretty sweet too (for more check out the video).

Trousers - Primark
Sandals - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Illustrated People Tee - Topshop



I had to show off my new Banana shopper bag from H&M. I think it cost me £7.99 and it is up there is my favourite go-to bags. 

I have on my DIY ripped jeans and some Primark basic tops. My little secret to layering my clothes and building up some great plain basics in my wardrobe on a budget, is.... Primark. I love nothing more than going to Primark, sticking to my three faithful shades - WHITE/GREY/BLACK and buying lots of different variations of vests and tops to add to my collection.

No one would ever guess your items were from Primark. Here I have on their simple black crop vest, which also comes in white (which I have) and as you can see I have layered this with a sheer oversized black tee over the top. I'm a size 8, but sometimes I will buy a size 12 to get that oversized-look.

I have also featured these white strappy sandals on my instagram, which are also from Primark. A lot of you asked if they were comfy with the fact the sole is very hard, but after awhile they do soften and yes they are very comfy. They cost just £7 and since every blogger in the UK has been getting their hands on them, if you happen to come across a pair, you would be stupid not to.

Video for this blog post will be up on YouTube very soon :)



Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased this amazing Sport Waistband Pleat Mini Skirt from Topshop and even though I have worn this Wasted Heroes white Eye Tee to death, it was still my first option for this new outfit idea I had in mind. 

This skirt is so comfortable and I am still lusting over the Sports Luxe trend this Spring. I laos wanted my very own throw back to my school days with the look of this skirt. It has a great monochrome waist band and perfect to show off the detailing with a cute cropped tee in the Summer time.

I have on my aqua and pink glitter socks from Topshop and my new leopard black trainers which I managed to bag in the closing down sale at Internacionale. These trainers cost me just £12 and worth all the change in my purse. For the look and quality of these trainers, they are a perfect bargain deal. Links to all the items in this post are below.

There will be a YouTube video up soon on this outfit guys!! I recently got the hang of iMovie, so I will be well away on developing my channel and uploading lots more interesting videos each week. 

Take a look for yourself, here is my channel.. www.youtube.com/user/glitterandgrimes

Tee - Wasted Heroes
Skirt - Topshop
Trainers - Internacionale
Socks - Topshop



These shoes are a dream.. Topshop have saved the day, as I have been searching for months for some pointed silver shoes for this Spring time. These sandals were made for me, with the off-white sole and the cross over strap for the ankle. They were quite prices at £58 but as I got them on my uniform, I hardly paid much at all.
You can style them with jeans and a simple vest, with shorts in the summer and even a floaty dress during the evening time, they really will go with just about everything. I have even tried them on with some glitter socks too and I have a video up on my instagram if you guys want to take a look.
A blog post will be up shortly with these amazing silver shoes and also a cheeky youtube video!!
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