Triangl Swimwear got in touch with me last month and I had the pleasure of selecting a bikini from their incredibly popular swimwear range online.

Before I knew it, I had this baby arrive at my door a few weeks later. I chose the COCO MOONBEAMS bikini, obviously! I loved the metallic pieces on the site and I knew I wanted the silver bottoms and then when I saw they had a lime green top which looked khaki green under the black mesh, I was sold instantly. 

This is my absolute favourite from their swimwear collection and before they emailed me about a collaboration, I had seen so many Triangl bikinis floating around on instagram that I had already been on the site to invision which one I would end up picking if they were to ever contact me.

Take a quick look at my snap shots of my chosen bikini by Triangl...

Keep an eye out on my instagram for pictures of me actually wearing this soon :)

If you want to check out more of their swimwear or even their underwear collection.. Click here!


To shop my bikini 'COCO MOONBEAMS' Click here!






Jack and I went back to my home in North Wales for a few days while the weather was so nice. We live in the heart of the city, in an apartment with no garden to enjoy, so going to Wales seemed the only place to make the most of the nice weather and get away from the hectic city life. 

Going home gives me that freedom to enjoy the things I would normally take for granted, I get to play around with my dog, drive my car, have BBQ's and sit on a lawn, which is pretty rare in the city. I decided to go all out and show Jack some of the places I used to visit as a child, therefore I also planned a few outfits so that I could fit in some blogging whilst I was there... the scenery is much nicer!



Just a few updates from my instagram guys.. 

I finally got the white New Look backpack I have been raving on about and I have been dreaming about going back to Barcelona again recently, as it's still my favourite place in the world at the minute after going there last August with Jack. I would give anything to go back, so I uploaded a few old snap shots to my instagram page. 
Oh and last but not least.. I bought a new make-up bag from H&M with aload of bananas on it, it's pretty awesome.
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