All black equals = comfort zone. I have just got back from LFW and ready to hit my emails and shoot some more posts for you guys, as I have so much to show you and exciting collaborations to announce.

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Crop - Glassons | Trousers - Topshop | Sandals - Nike

I obviously still think I'm on holiday and want to casually walk round the house in flip flops during the Winter. I am all ready for Spring and want it to start getting a bit warmer to kick me into touch, so I can start 'kick'ing the junk food out.

I have on my fave black ripped trousers from Topshop, a checked shirt which everyone should own, as it's the perfect layer or cover up as the days get warmer. Oh and a simple crop underneath, as these trousers a fairly high waisted.. otherwise you wouldn't catch me wearing a crop top and having everything on show! (it's just not right it ain't classy)



Jacket - Oh My Love | Jumper - Vintage | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - Zara

Again more grey in my outfit posts, sorry there isn't much diversity at the minute. I have a small obsession with all things monochrome with a hint of grey. I have adopted a wardrobe full of grey things and I can't seem to get enough right now.

I picked up this studded jacket last year for my birthday, I haven't yet seen a jacket like it and it really transforms an outfit. I have included it in this post, as leather looks never date and they add an edge to the most simplest of outfits. 

If you are off out to the cinema with friends or a loved one, a simple outfit such as your favourite jeans and a jumper, through on some cute shoes, or black boots and a leather jacket and scarf and you have taken your outfit up a notch!

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Ribbed Crop - Glassons | Shoes - Converse | Jeans - H&M | Jacket - Vintage

I have always been a converse girl and my trusty black and white ones are 5 years or more and going strong. They really have been through hell and back and still in a good condition. I honestly believe they are the only piece of footwear from my collection that I can wear with anything.

A favourite look at the minute is wearing some simple high waisted black trousers, a checked shirt and leather jacket. It's comfy, reliable and you know you're going to feel good.

Simple attention to details, such as a small ribbed crop and a fedora. This sounds really silly, but when I wear my hat, I feel like it makes me look as though I take my fashion quite seriously aha.

Oh and I can't forget some MAC red lips to add that feminine touch to a boyish, rocky ensemble.  



Trousers - Topshop | Trainers - Puma | Jumper - Next

This slouchy fashion has become a favourite look with me lately. I have always admired, very androgynous looks and this slouchy camel trousers with an oversized jumper is a really simple and easy combo that anyone can find in their wardrobes and pull off.

I have on my two toned jumper from Next which is slightly oversized and high on the neck line. I love roll necks but I prefer just the high neck jumpers, they look more androgynous.

Then I have on my Topshop trousers in a soft camel colour and my most used footwear at the minute, my white leather Puma Basket trainers, which go with nearly every look.

I think this is a key statement outfit for this time of year, effortless, stylish and ultimate comfort, everything a girl wants! Oh and hair is just in a simple loose knot.



Jumper - Primark | Jeans & Boots - Topshop | Hat - H&M | Bag - Vintage

I'm totally in love with this Winter outfit. I could quite happily wear this everyday. I have on my all black comfy Jamie jean on, which is always an easy go-to bottom option, then I have on my favourite black ankle boots with a zip detail I picked up from Topshop a few months ago and recently since being back in the UK, I couldn't help but pop round to my local Primark for some retail therapy. 

I had been lapping up the sun in New Zealand for weeks, and what better way to get my head and my wardrobe back into the UK Winter mode, than with a new snugly piece of knitwear at a bargain price of just £10.

I absolutely love the texture of this jumper, it is super fluffy and soft. What attracted me to this jumper, was that it was a off pale grey colour, but it has various darker colours running through the stitching, creating quite a unique style. I haven't got anything quite like this in my wardrobe and it goes with pretty much everything. 

I have teamed it up with all black and black accessories to make the jumper stand out by itself, and I have thrown on my small leather bag and a fedora to complete the look. I love wearing hats this time of year to really make an outfit pop!

Throw on some chokers and necklaces, because layering jewellery seems to be my favourite combination at the minute, oh and don't forget the red lipstick and you're good to go. I would say this outfit is perfect for a shopping day out with your friends, or lunch with your mum :)

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