Ribbed Crop - Glassons | Shoes - Converse | Jeans - H&M | Jacket - Vintage

I have always been a converse girl and my trusty black and white ones are 5 years or more and going strong. They really have been through hell and back and still in a good condition. I honestly believe they are the only piece of footwear from my collection that I can wear with anything.

A favourite look at the minute is wearing some simple high waisted black trousers, a checked shirt and leather jacket. It's comfy, reliable and you know you're going to feel good.

Simple attention to details, such as a small ribbed crop and a fedora. This sounds really silly, but when I wear my hat, I feel like it makes me look as though I take my fashion quite seriously aha.

Oh and I can't forget some MAC red lips to add that feminine touch to a boyish, rocky ensemble.  

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