Hi guys, so I have finally got my Macbook in full working order again, as I was having storage issues, so I am slowly but surely getting round to editing a backlog of YouTube videos I am yet to show you guys!

Here is my London Fashion Week Day 1 & 2 Vlog. I have been dying to get this up all this month, to give you guys a sneak peak into what my weekend was like in London and some of the things I got up to.

Just click the image above to watch my video.. and let me know what you think :)



Sweatshirt - Primark | Dress - Weekday | Boots - Internacionale

I love this pinstripe dress by Weekday online. I wore it especially for LFW last month and it went down an absolute treat, I felt amazing that day! Any of you who follow me on Instagram, will have seen how I styled it. I am also featured on Weekday's own Instagram here :) This time I wanted to show you just how versatile this piece is and how you don't just have to wear this as a dress.

I have based this look on some current inspiration I got from Urban Outfitters window displays. There mannequins and merchandising are always on point and they really capture unique looks for the current trends. So this in mind, I decided to hunt down my old denim-look sweatshirt from my never ending wardrobe of clothes I can't bring myself to throw away. I have always been a huge fan of denim but I would say more-so this year! It is the one fabric which is timeless and will just forever be re-invented year on year. I mean, who thought flares would ever make a comeback?

I wanted this Weekday dress to act as more of a incredibly shaped skirt and really emphasise the angles of this lower part to the dress. I really like the denim look with pinstripes too, match made.. what do you think?

Then lastly, just to add some edge and a leather to the whole thing, I have on my dupe Dr Martins boots on to complete the look and throw a biker twist on the whole ensemble.

Comment below guys if you like the look :)



Jumper - H&M | Jeans - Topshop | Trainers - Puma | Clutch - Pauls Boutique

I love this look.. it is one of my favourites of this year. My instagram lately has gone into a monochrome realm, so this outfit seemed fitting. I have on my recently purchased H&M knit. It is a beautiful oversized piece, with a roll neck, splits on the sides and varied lengths. I just put on my black Jamie jeans and Puma trainers and it is a very stylish but comfy outfit. 

Everybody needs a long coat or cloak in their wardrobe, something that you can throw over and outfit and it completes you look. It can also be a great lazy accessory if you are needing an effortless styling morning, you can throw them ontop of anything to make a bold statement. I have a black one and hope to get a grey or khaki colour next. Mine is vintage but I have seem many like mine online and available to you guys!

Next my beautiful clutch by Pauls Boutique.. you have all seen my bright yellow duffle bag which is also part of my collaboration with the amazing PB company. This clean, crisp and minimal black clutch screams Saint Lauren to me. It is so on point and I love the way they have printed the brand in gold letters on the bag. This is also super special on the inside, it is all cream, with a gold printed logo too... the clutch is actually reversible!! So you get two clutches for the price of one and it's amazing how it works. 

If you guys want to take a look at their new SS'15 collection, click in the description bar.

Oh and how many times have I worn my Puma baskets? I am in love, they have the perfect colours on for me, they have the gold badge on the side and the tongue is black and green. All my favourites. You can actually buy these online and I believe they have gone in the sale. 

Again, let me know what you think and if you aren't following me on Bloglovin but love reading my posts, please click follow :)



Tee - Zara | Cardi - Topshop | Trousers - House of Jam | Shoes - ASOS

I was really feeling the warm weather the other day and desperate to do a Spring transition post as we start seeing some real sun creep into our weeks now. I have brought my fave trousers back out the closet from the super online Vintage store House of Jam! 

I lived in these trousers last Summer as they were extremely versatile and could be styled in so many different ways! So I just have on my favourite white tee from Zara, my other favourite multi coloured cardi from Topshop which I bought last year, a leather jacket over the top and new lace up shoes from ASOS. I don't think I will ever part with these shoes... they are going to be my go-to shoe this Spring/Summer. Super stylish and comfortable. 

Who else is really excited for some hot weather, I don't know about you guys but it completely lifts my mood. I am quite fed up of the gloom of Winter on its way out. Everyone is pretty fed up around this time of year and everyone is dreaming of the BBQ months, so roll on some nice weather this week so I can do more outdoor shoots.

See you all soon x



Sweater - Bundy & Webster | Trousers - Topshop | Shoes - ASOS | Sunglasss - New Look

How awesome is my new gorgeous baby blue sweater? I have been wanting a new Spring fun looking sweater which makes styling OOTD's so much more fun!

Bundy & Webster recently contacted me and asked me to choose one of their unique pieces online. I  knew I had to pick one of their sequinned embellished sweaters, and out of the beautiful selection of pastels, I chose the 'Lick me' blue.

I have styled this with some black ripped combat trousers, some faux fur, super mirrored sunglasses and my new fave lace up heals from ASOS.

Lets talk about my shoes for a minute.. these ASOS heels look amazing from the front, really classy and elegant but then when you turn to the side you can then see just how comfortable they really are. With a medium heel, straight sole and super comfy material.

It's March already and I have bought my first pair of sunglasses this year.. two infact! Both from New Look. I recently posted a picture on my instagram, so you can check them out here!



Fedora - H&M | Dress - Monki | Bag - Pauls Boutique | Boots - Primark

This post is a more evening look with the Pauls Boutique duffle bag. I have on a super cute jumper dress by Monki which I took to travel in for LFW. I fell in love with it on the site and you can also get this dress on the ASOS site too. I have on some heeled boots and a fedora hat to spice things up. This dress has a real Japanese look to it, if you guys understand what I am trying to say :)

I love the fact the arms are puffy and it goes tighter at the wrists. The length is really flattering too and can be worn for many occasions. I like that with boots and socks you can still see some of your leg. It is the perfect length.

I obviously have on my mini life line at the minute, my bright yellow duffle bag, the 'Hattie'. Any of you who follow me on instagram, know that this bright yellow bag has been popping up everywhere. It's like a 'wheres wally' mission. 

Head over to my instagram here!

I would wear this outfit for an evening out to the cinema, quiet drinks with friends or just a blogger meet up. With this fresh cold weather, which is still super unpredictable, a jumper dress is the perfect answer. Oh and Monki is super affordable and amazing quality!



Jumper - H&M | Skirt - Missguided | Boots - Primark | Ring - goodafternine

I am so in love with my new staple knitwear piece from H&M! I search high and low for this beauty last week and finally got my hands on one. It is a giant, snuggly oversized white knit of dreams. I really hope my pictures do it justice and with the many different textures and lengths to this piece, I wanted an equally varied shape length skirt to match.

This jumper is actually in a size Small, if you guys are looking to purchase it, the 'Small' is extremely big and could fit a varied about of sizes. The jumper is very heavy, so it definitely stretches over the days I have had it.

My black skirt is from Missguided, for just £18 it is the perfect skirt to be worn for both the days and night. I believe it comes in Nude too. It is a bargain price and fits like a glove. I have teamed this up with some black boots and the outfit doesn't need anything more. I love this jumper with a very simplistic monochrome feel, as it does all the talking. The back of the jumper is slightly longer, which the split details on the side, revealing anything you were to wear underneath. Then the arms are super sized and I love how they droop down when you relax :)

Oh my ring is from the amazing company Good After Nine in Bangkok. There site is so amazing and I have been gifted a few of their pieces before and this silver statement skull ring is now my favourite.

Let me know what you guys think to this look and find links to the items above if you wish to purchase any!
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