Fedora - H&M | Dress - Monki | Bag - Pauls Boutique | Boots - Primark

This post is a more evening look with the Pauls Boutique duffle bag. I have on a super cute jumper dress by Monki which I took to travel in for LFW. I fell in love with it on the site and you can also get this dress on the ASOS site too. I have on some heeled boots and a fedora hat to spice things up. This dress has a real Japanese look to it, if you guys understand what I am trying to say :)

I love the fact the arms are puffy and it goes tighter at the wrists. The length is really flattering too and can be worn for many occasions. I like that with boots and socks you can still see some of your leg. It is the perfect length.

I obviously have on my mini life line at the minute, my bright yellow duffle bag, the 'Hattie'. Any of you who follow me on instagram, know that this bright yellow bag has been popping up everywhere. It's like a 'wheres wally' mission. 

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I would wear this outfit for an evening out to the cinema, quiet drinks with friends or just a blogger meet up. With this fresh cold weather, which is still super unpredictable, a jumper dress is the perfect answer. Oh and Monki is super affordable and amazing quality!

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  1. Ahh you look fab - love the bag!!

    I keep looking at this Monki dress online and debating buying it, it's so nice!



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