Co-ord - Bill and Mar | Trainers - Puma | Cardigan - H&M | Necklace - Missguided

Ok so if my previous blog shown how prepared I already am for the festival and Summer session.. here is probably the most, ok IT IS the most amazing co-ord I own, and I own a good few! A staple combo for Summer and making statements.

This for me, is the perfect Festival co-ord and everyone loves a good co-ord during Summer time right? I can't begin to explain how amazing the metallic fabric is, when the light hits it, it shines a beautiful pearl/gold colour. (the photos don't do it justice) You can wear this so many ways, here I have styled it quite subtly with a long grey cardigan and some white sneaks. Something that everyone would feel comfortable in, but for the Festival session, I will most likely wear this with a oversized denim jacket and some lace up biker boots. It is super grungy but girly at the same time and it is really versatile.. just up my street!

For just £28 for the whole set, you can style the skirt separately with a band tee and some converse and style the gorgeous metallic halter top with some high waisted jeans and a cute leather jacket over the top. Be sure to see me style this various ways over the coming months.

If you guys haven't checked out Bill and Mar's online shop, check it out here!



Tee - Dead Legacy | Choker - Primark | Backpack - H&M | Boots - CAT Footwear

'You win some.. you win some more'! 

I am all for positivity lately and becoming a more positive person, and I do believe if you change your way of thinking, you can change your life with your attitude alone. Therefore this t-shirt from Dead Legacy is perfect and I love the humour and positive message it shows.

I'm currently collaborating with DL to show you guys there awesome array of tops online, they're really unique and 'out there'! I have many white tee's in my wardrobe but this one is really different. I picked it up in a size 12 so that I could wear it as a baggy tee or even as a dress. I love this simple, clean look for a festival or for the Summer time, just throw on a choker, some boots and a small backpack of all your things and you're good to go.

Oh FYI...I just have some small shorts underneath from Primark! Keep an eye out for more posts featuring Dead Legacy on my blog coming soon...



Top - Bill and Mar | Backpack - H&M | Necklace - Primark | Shoes - Topshop

I'm currently collaborating with the awesome Bill and Mar to bring you some killa outfit inspo for this Summer!! Here I have on a signature piece from their online store and I will also be showing you a special lookbook from their Festival Collection coming soon!

I love this top, I actually got this in a size 12 so that I could have the option to wear it as a dress. It makes it super versatile and because their designs are just up my street, I already have a tone of outfit ideas for this top alone.

This 'Laterz Haterz' long sleeved top is extremely popular and I know why.. not only is it original and has an appropriate slogan for certain people of the world who are always hated on. It is great quality and really comfortable. Have you noticed the design down both sleeves?!

I have styled this especially for Summer time, with my new black croc backpack, which I picked up from the H&M sale at a bargain price of just £7!!! I have on black Nike socks and my silver shoes from Topshop. This look is perfect for the festival session or a casual day out with the friends in the Summer time, as it's deemed stylish, but the long sleeves are there for when it goes cooler in the evenings. I would possibly put a denim jacket over the top to finish off the look.

You can also wear this look as an all black combo with some black joggers, if you are just popping to the shops or the cinema. Too many options to mention, but you catch my drift ;)

Head over to Bill and Mar to see some of the awesome designs I'm talking about here!



Tee - Topshop | Jeans - Primark | Boots - Primark 

I have had a really busy weekend, so I wanted to kick this week off with some casual Summer outfits, to give you that inspiration you need this time of year.

I picked up this tee in London a week ago and it's actually in a size 16. I wanted the biggest size in the Topshop Oxford store, as I wanted a new super-size baggy tee to wear this time of year. One to throw on with jeans and feel extra slouchy and also to wear with a small pair of shorts with some flip flops. 

I love this design, the t-shirt is super soft and you guys know how much I'm obsessing over grey at the minute.. it's the perfect combo and cost me just £25. I have paired this up with my fave ripped jeans from Primark and some blue ankle boots to make the colours in the t-shirt pop!

Oh guys, we recently got a new TV in the house and 3D at home is out of this world!! Staying in is the new going out!!



Dress - Glassons | Necklace - Topshop | Flip Flops - Nike

Thought I would bring some Summer to my blog as the weather has been really nice lately and I'm sure you are all in search of some early Summer inspo, whether it be for your pre-booked holidays or maybe a festival coming up!

This is the perfect Summer combo for me at the moment, the part of the year where the bikini bod is wanting to make a return but we are only just getting over all the Easter eggs consumed, so a loose combo is well suited for me at the minute. I love the monochrome look, even when it's hot. I would wear something like this over a bikini, to take a nice stroll down the beach or just an easy throw on during a sunny period back home.

I have on my favourite flip flops from last year, which will still be my go-to sandal. They are effortless, super simple and always look good with any Summery combo. They are also still available online and really easy to find!

Let me know your thoughts on this look and what you guys are loving to wear this time of year?



Crop Top - Topshop | Culottes - ASOS | Boots - Whistles | Bag - Topshop | Cloak - Vintage

Quite a sophisticated look yesterday as the weather was cooler and pretty cloudy. I was off out for the day trialling out my new Whistles boots, which I managed to get from Selfridges in the sale! 

They are featured in my latest 'March Haul' video on my YouTube channel here! Take a look to see a closer look at them :)

Then I kept it really simple with all my favourite colours. I know it's Spring and I used to be a super colourful person, but my faves are now just the shade black obviously, grey and olive colours. This outfit pretty much sums up my mood and the way my wardrobe has been heading recently.

I actually took the time out to colour co-ordinate it the the other and I was surprised at the lack of colour from last year. Anyways, just wanted to show you guys my bootsy love.

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