Jumper - H&M | Jeans - Primark | Sandals - Primark

I just wanted to put together a super simple Spring outfit which is all about comfort and transitioning into this 'weird weather' time of year. I know people love Spring and I do too, but there is parts of Spring which is super difficult to dress for. It can look really sunny and warm out the window with the Sun beaming through the curtains, but then once you are outside dressed for an early Ibiza trip, it actually turns out to be a secret trip to the Antarctic. 

So, I have on my favourite statement piece of knitwear this year, this beautiful H&M cream jumper. This is actually a size Small guys!! I had noticed that the jumpers do vary in store, almost as though each one were handmade. I chose this one, as I liked the slouchy look and with this jumper being quite heavy, it really does hang and stretch when on and it's great!

 I have noticed girls with much shorter versions of this jumper, so just incase you guys are wondering why I picked up the largest in the shop, it is intact a 'Small' and happens to be super soft and slouchy and I love it.

Another thing I LOVE... is my new Primark jeans. I have bought black skinny jeans from Primark before when I used to work as a bartender, as I needed a cheap alternative pair which I wasn't afraid to get dirty. I have also bought a white pair from Primark last Summer to try out some DIY rips, but they have always been a very light weight pair of jeans. I wouldn't say they ever felt like 'proper' denim, they were never thick or of a great quality.. so when I saw these in my local Primark, I thought someone had put a pair of Topshop jeans on the stand by accident. They aren't like anything Primark has ever done before and it really shows the development of their denim collection.

I love the frayed ripped knees, they are very sturdy, which is something I always need, as all my ripped Jamie jeans from Topshop have exploded at the knee and it looks like my knee is going to fall out. This Primark pair is also a great colour denim and a colour I don't have in my collection. I recently showed these jeans off in my March Haul video over on my YouTube channel! .. if you guys want to take a look here!

Then I have finished this super comfy look with my new bargain sandals, also from Primark, for just £5, again they are featured in my March Haul video and come in various other colours, but I decided to stick to the simple black and gold chain design. 

Hope you guys love this outfit, comment below if you did :)

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