Dress - Glassons | Necklace - Topshop | Flip Flops - Nike

Thought I would bring some Summer to my blog as the weather has been really nice lately and I'm sure you are all in search of some early Summer inspo, whether it be for your pre-booked holidays or maybe a festival coming up!

This is the perfect Summer combo for me at the moment, the part of the year where the bikini bod is wanting to make a return but we are only just getting over all the Easter eggs consumed, so a loose combo is well suited for me at the minute. I love the monochrome look, even when it's hot. I would wear something like this over a bikini, to take a nice stroll down the beach or just an easy throw on during a sunny period back home.

I have on my favourite flip flops from last year, which will still be my go-to sandal. They are effortless, super simple and always look good with any Summery combo. They are also still available online and really easy to find!

Let me know your thoughts on this look and what you guys are loving to wear this time of year?

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