Trousers - House of Jam | Bralet - Forever 21 | Denim Jacket - Bite Me Clothing | Sunglasses - Forever 21 | Sandals - River Island

Really casual look for Summer, I haven't stopped wearing my new flatformed sandals from River Island since I got them. I have on my fave vintage trousers from House of Jam which I literally live in every Summer. If you are looking for really unique vintage clothes guys, check them out!!

I have on my cute white bralet which most of my instagram following fell in love with, so I know this is a big hit and I love the baggy trouser look with a small top don't you?

Then a cover up which every girl needs in her life, the oversized denim jacket. I was gifted this jacket from Bite Me Clothing and it actually has a giant pizza on the back!  I love how denim adapts to any weather and is light weight enough to wear in the Summer time.

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  1. Absolutely love those trousers!! Need me a pair.

    Love this outfit :)



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