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Hi guys, so I'm currently working with New Look on their latest Sportswear campaign called 'Everyday Sportswear'.

I got to choose some amazing sportswear pieces from the site to show you guys!! I was honestly really surprised at just how amazing the range was, everything from joggers, hoodies, running trainers and even sports drink bottles. 

My favourite items were a pair of dark grey sports leggings, which I could then mix and match with the three very different styles of gym tops I chose. I picked up one of their sports bras in pale grey, a loose fitting vest top and a more figure hugging sports top.

These are the type of clothes I would personally wear to the gym, something very understated and the aim of the game being 'comfort', oh and nothing too revealing!! New Look had such a variety of choices though, it was extremely hard to select only a few of my favourite items for you guys.

I tend to love a good quality pair of sports leggings, I would say that were my gym staple (if a gym stable exists) I think they really beat going in an ordinary pair of leggings or shorts. They protect your legs from any equipment you use, they are designed to absorb any sweat and they are very comfortable. Perfect if you are like me, and enjoy yoga, sportswear which allows you to be really flexible and easy to move round in.

I have tried many leggings in my time from various sports brand, so I was aprehensive to the style, quality and fit of a high street fashion megastore. I often dislike leggings which come very low at the waist, or have that annoying zip compartment in the back which becomes really uncomfortable to sit down in, do you know which one I mean? These don't have that and are super comfy, I really love that they are high waisted too, they hold you in just right and make you feel really great.

Then I chose a signature sports bra, which is very classic but I love the detail they have gone into and for just £8.99, it is amazing quality. I also like that this sports bra is quite thick, normally sports bras can be very small, making you feel quite uncomfortable to wear on its own, but with all the New Look sports bras, I would feel really comfortable to wear these in the gym without a vest over the top.

The peach 'Believe Achieve' vest comes in various other bright gym-like colours too and is a great motto for the gym and gaining encouragement when looking in the mirror. They have many different slogan tops in the range and I think that really adds something special to the range and something different to your everyday sportswear look.

Last but not least, a tight fitting black top with the slogan 'FIT'. This is for all my girls that love their monochrome fashion and want to transition this into their gym wear. This gym top is super stylish and looks great with grey or black gym leggings. This is a really stylish simple option to wear to the gym and perfect under a hooded jacket.

To check out their full range, click here New Look Sportswear!

Let me know what you think to these choices and also your favourites?

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