Bringing you this beautiful collaboration with Engelsrufer!

I'm so happy to announce my collaboration with German high quality jewellery brand Engelsrufer. As soon as I took one look at the site and the uniquely made pieces.. I was captivated. I honestly would have quite happily added the entire range to my shopping cart.

I was kindly gifted two very beautiful pieces, which I will share with you over two very different blog posts (Part 1 & 2)

As you can see from the pictures above, I chose the classic Engelsrufer basket pendant, they come in 3 different sizes (small, medium and large) I chose a size medium, so I hope you can get an idea of the sizing in the image directly above in the palm of my hand. I chose my pendant in Silver, as I tend to wear more silver necklaces, but there is a great variety to chose from, such as gold, rose gold, black chrome and even crystal encrusted. 

The basket can be elegantly opened with the small clasp, and inside you choose your very own Sound Ball, this delicate ball also comes in 9 different colours and patterns, each with their own beautiful meaning. 

Engelsrufer wanted to come up with a unique concept to be able to "call" your guardian angel. The 'Engelsrufer' is a precious jewel, quite like an angel in their eyes. The chiming of the sound ball, should in fact call your very own guardian angel, to protect you from danger. 

The sound is very delicate and relaxing, it automatically has a calming ora about it. I truly believe this is the most perfect gift for a loved one, and I'm very proud and lucky to own one for myself. It would be such a unique gesture to buy one of these pendants for a loved one. 

Collections on their website include, 'Calling An Angel', 'Indian Summer', 'The 7 Chakras' and more.. including bracelets and much more.

One thing I love about this brand, is the attention to detail and being able to fully create your own personal piece. You can choose everything from the length of necklace to the style of the necklace to accompany your pendant, such as chains, ropes, beads etc. It really is an experience in itself and adds that personal touch. 

For a direct link to my pendant, click here!

Oh.. one more thing, don't forget to click the UK flag in the top right hand corner to be able to read the site in English ;) Rather than making the same mistake I did and struggle for a good half hour before realising it was there :)

Let me know what you think?...

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