Hi guys, Happy New Year to you all. I'm happy to starting to year off with a positive mind set and raring to go. I'm so proud of the opportunities that came my way last year and hoping for an even better year ahead. Little thank you especially to you guys for following me on here and reading my babble. Also if you follow me on my other accounts, thank you!

Here is a new dress, a special gift I got for Christmas. I first saw this dress in the H&M store on a mannequin in London during Fashion Week and I fell in love. It has such a gypsy vibe to it and I love all the frills and hassle detailing. I also love how versatile this dress is, you can wear it over a dress during the evening time, as it is very sheer, but you can also wear it with jeans, a bandeau and boots for the day time.

I'm really looking forward to styling this in the coming months over Winter. It is going to be such a staple in my wardrobe and I believe it was in the sale, so you will have to check the site if it is still available :) If you guys aren't into the maxi length, then they do also do a very similar dress but above the knee if you're interested here?

I have mine on with a black skinny scarf and my Zara cowboy boots (fave)

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  1. I've recently been trying to get into colour a bit more but this is devine! X

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