The lovely people at Candle Belle sent me a beautiful range of candles to try, including some of their extremely popular soy wax melts and also their highly fragrances two wicked candles. I absolutely love candles in my home, so I was eager to try them out. Here is a quick overview of the scents I chose and what I really think of the brand and the quality. 

M . E . L . T . S

French Lavender
One of my favourite scents from the collection, if you want the most beautifully relaxing aromas for your bedroom.. this is the one!

Twisting Peppermint
Do you love mint like I do? Then the amazingly fresh tones of this candle melt will blow you mind!

Buttercream Cupcake
This one is for the sweet tooth.. If you want to pretend you are biting into the nicest cupcake without putting on the pounds, this will be your favourite. (Warning: very sweet)

Indian Sandalwood
I strong favourite in the candle world at the moment & this is one of the nicest I've smelt!

Hot Summer Nights
Very interesting how the scent of a candle can depict moments.. and this one is definitely a hot Summer night in the best way!

Orange Dreamsicle
Very refreshing and perfect for the Summer time.. I'm a sucker for anything fruity.

Balmy Beaches
Another great one for the Summer time, and this is super fresh. So I would definitely let this do its thing in the guest room of the house!

Vanilla Chai
Generic.. but I will always love my Vanilla scents and this one is with a twist. (Highly recommend)

West Country Cider
I thought I would go for something a bit different with this one, as I am also a lover of cider. This was a pleasant surprise and the one I have used the most!

C . A . N . D . L . E . S

Sunshine and Shiraz
This is my favourite candle from the range, two of the best things: Sun and wine! It instantly takes me to my holidays in Italy. (Highly recommend)

Fresh Cotton Sheets
This one has now been stolen by my mother, as it has such a calming and fresh scent, she felt it was fit for her home instead!

Whispering Winds
I was intrigued to see what this one would smell like and it isn't my favourite out of them all but a great concept nonetheless and very fresh. 

What I love about the website, is you would imagine it to be very hard to purchase candles online without having smelt them first, but they have a full page dedicated to the 'fragrances' with the most intricate descriptions that really give you a create insight before choosing.

I love the design of the candles, they are a great size and I love that they have a double wick. They are strongly fragranced., which means you get the best out of them till the very end. One of the unique things about Candle Belle is being able to capture times in our lives in the form of a candle, so check out their range to find out more..

Take a look at their site here!

& let me know in the comments box below which scents you like..

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